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  1. Try a stright in 26R in Honolulu or better yet try landing on the 22s in an Airliner! (in west ops the only approch and runway we use for Airliners landing is 22L wiht the localizer and you have to turn to get the Field Visualy when you run out of the LOC
  2. The best place to get this resolved would probably be with Level-D support
  3. I beleive that has to do with the planing for the worst aspect.. SHould somthing seriously go wrong on the flight. the emergancy crews will know how many lives are in danger.
  4. I am controlling ZAK right now and I have all 4 set so I can cover all of my airspace. Yes I don't need to see them but as far as VATSIM Tracking it is the only way for me to difinitivly know who is refusing to contact me
  5. When I am controlling my general rule is once I mess with your route/flight I am on untill you land
  6. Bryan are you telling me that I am not an awsome pilot in my choice plane..... well thats the last time I fly to LA....mumble muble.... Sorry just had to
  7. I have controlled for practicly my whole vLife in Honolulu was even the ATM there for a term or two. I can't say that i live anywere close to Honolulu or Hawaii for that matter. I live in Maine.... OTHER side of teh country
  8. I love app...... ohhh Wait thats were I am working SWEET!!!!
  9. I will get a fund going to send you a few coats..... Congrats
  10. Bryan, ZAK is airspace it can't be cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ified as Major or Minor. Becuse of that ZAK still uses the same training program except in order to man it the controllers need to be a C1 not an S3
  11. Abel It is a great event, email Karen and work with her, the HNL ED, and the rest of the EDs to get one going
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