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  1. I solved it by run vPilot as administrator. Thank you
  2. Hello I created right ctrl button for ptt push to talk in the settings of vPilot. Everything was! ok but suddenly I couldn't talk through the simulator. I can talk only when I leave the sim with mouse click on the vPilot or desktop, Any help?
  3. Hello, Several times I hear noises on the Vatsim new voice server. So I cant understand the speach during the noise. When the ATC or pilot stop talking the voice gone. This situation is random and not all the time, Sometimes with noise sometims not. Thank you
  4. Hello, I have headset Logitech G231 when I use vPilot with the settings and calibrate the microphone everything was good and I can hear very good. When I connect to VATSIM the ATC told me that they can hear me 1 or 2 by 5. Please help I tried to reinstall windows driver and checked the volume level of the microphone and all that in the maximum.
  5. Hello. When we connect in vPilot to the network we need to chose a callsign, in the top of the connect window we have a list of recent aircrafts and callsigns. How can we delete or clear that list? Thank you
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