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  1. At 7:00 PM est or 5 minutes ago, VATSIM is 10 years old. Roberto flipped the switch and we were alive. Congratulations to each and every member for making VATSIM what it is today. Thanks to our Staff, Governors and Founders for putting VATSIM together and have it run so well. Most of all thanks to all of our members. Without you participating, there would be no VATSIM. It is truly you who have been our success. Happy Anniversary VATSIM. Harv. VATSIM5
  2. Welcome to VATCAN Eric. I too am a grandparent and going on 61 years of age. None of these are any barriers to enjoying the friendships and challenges of VATSIM. Harv.
  3. Mike my friend. Take the second star to the left and fly on until morning. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mikes family and friends. We have lost a gentleman. Harv.
  4. Richard Jenkins wrote: "The emails were even more fun. Legal eagles everywhere.... Rolling Eyes Apparently I'm going to be dragged into court, thrown in irons, and flogged in public for libel. I am sure Richard remembers some of the death threats and threats of bombings that we have received over the years including the bombing of a VATSIM convention!!!! This is fact. Harv.
  5. Thanks for your kind words Dean. Makes all our efforts all the more enjoyable. Harv.
  6. Second star to the left and straight on 'til morning my friend. Blue skies forever Don. Harv.
  7. Marc is an outstanding leader, is a smart guy (especially for a Canadian) What kind of comment is that Keith? Harv.
  8. Will a Canadian and his wife be welcome to attend the VATUSA convention? Chicago Chop House, here we come. Harv.
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