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  1. My problem in FS9/Windows7 is, I hear everybody but when i talk i sound like a chipmunk and they cant understand me.
  2. I don't think it has anything to do with Vatsim , but the lower your fps are, your flight simulator will start to freeze. Sometimes mine will go bellow 10 then the freezing start. I have a very old system so that is to be expected. Nebojsa
  3. I believe swift needs a minimum of Windows7
  4. I believe swift needs a minimum of windows7
  5. Heartbeat message is caused by the vatsim server or your network connection. You could try connecting to a different server.
  6. My microphone sounds like a chipmunk now for months and i cant figure it out.I hear fine.
  7. Interesting topic. Voice should be encouraged but text should always be a back up . There are reasons why people are using text legit or not. I am sure that we have encountered ATC and Pilots whose English is really not great and sometimes they go to text. How many times have we been given instructions that we don't understand and resort to text. As a pilot text is a pain, but it works all the time unlike voice. Nebojsa
  8. Bye the sound's of it, i will have to keep a list of where i should file a SID/STAR , only SID or only STAR ,no SID no STAR and so on. nebojsa
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