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  1. Bye the sound's of it, i will have to keep a list of where i should file a SID/STAR , only SID or only STAR ,no SID no STAR and so on. nebojsa
  2. Does anybody have any information on other counties around the world regarding filing SID/STAR nebojsa
  3. I am looking for natTrak the position reporting tool. If i read it correctly it is a tool for pilots to use over North Atlantic crossing. nebojsa
  4. Thanks for the response. I have been there at the site ,but if it is software that needs to be downloaded i cant find it. nebojsa
  5. Vatsim North Atlantic NAT Tracking software natTRAK Core2.1 Is this still being used,if so where do i find it nebojsa
  6. Just remember that, ALL of us were beginners at one time and made mistakes. nebojsa
  7. I can confirm that i start squawk box first and then i try to connect the voice. The suggestion is Pilots need to use one of VATSIM's Pilot Clients, for FSX I recommend downloading vPilot BUT i am using FS9 I have seen somewhere on Vatsim that if you are using FS9 and you want voice , you have to go to SWIFT. nebojsa
  8. Forgot to mention i am a pilot. nebojsa
  9. I am using Squwkbox4 FS9 and AFV Standalone V1.8.1 Maybe i am using the wrong standalone or maybe the stand alone does not work for FS9 / squwkbox 4 anymore nebojsa
  10. Can somebody explain to me ,why I cant connect .I am using the latest AFV V1.8.1 Thanks
  11. What weather engine are you using. nebojsa
  12. Great web sight for EHAM. To bad it is only for EHAM nebojsa
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