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  1. Again i cant log in to Discord. mebojsa
  2. Thank you,working now. nebojsa
  3. Did Discord forum change something. Cant log in. nebojsa
  4. What is the point of ATIS ,if there's no requirement to simulate real weather on the network. Just wondering. nebojsa
  5. It is a sad thing to what is happening on UNICOM. I was afraid when UNICOM went to voice, something like this would happen. My opinion.... UNICOM should only be in TEXT. At least there is written proof to what is happening. nebojsa
  6. First time I used FS9/SWIFT online in a flight. It is going to get used to it after using squawkbox forever.I have to say not bad for my first flight. I still have to figure out how to set up a private chat. I noticed that when the GUI is in front of me i loose the aircraft sound,have to minimize GUI to hear the aircraft. Is there a sound or something that lets you know that somebody has send a text on Unicom. Thanks,Nebojsa
  7. I plan on staying with FS9 as long as i can,only because my system is old and it cant handle anything else.If the time comes where FS9 can not be used on Vatsim or (Ivao which i left years ago) then i will see what my next step is. Nebojsa
  8. Thank's for the info. I always try to use real info where available.It may not work if ATC is on and they give you a another runway in use. nebojsa
  9. Are you using the new server ip address nebojsa
  10. You are not alone. A few weeks back i did a flight where i was arriving in KMCO. Checked the winds ,listening to live atc . live radar shows south traffic flow and the app/atc has me going north landing. I mentioned to him that everything shows south flow. This is Vatsim he replied.I scrambled to accommodate him. nebojsa
  11. Unfortunately not many people announce their intentions when departing/arriving . nebojsa
  12. Congratulations. This might help https://www.vatsim.net/pilots/getting-started nebojsa
  13. I had the same problem a few times over the years. nebojsa
  14. Voice on UNICOM is beautiful, but text should always be there, just in case there are issues. My two cents. nebojsa
  15. Does SWIFT and SB4 use the same Audio for VATSIM standalone client. nebojsa
  16. For the NEW voice you need a minimum of Windows 7 nebojsa
  17. Is there a tutorial or settings explanation for the swift GUI.The other videos don't explain that. nebojsa
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