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  1. It is my pleasure to announce the release of VatsimPHP version 4.0.1. This update is REQUIRED for ALL current users of VatsimPHP. This update complies with the current Vatsim data URLs and regulations regarding Vatsim data usage. You may download the current version at http://www.bbflights.com/VatsimPHP.


    NOTE: Webmasters need only to replace the previous VatsimPHPgenerator.php file with the current one available for download. All functions will work as normal.

  2. If you are using the old http://www.vatsim.net/data/search_metar.php?id=ICAO feed, please move to metar.vatsim.net/ICAO immediately.. the old search_metar.php will be going away very shortly...

    Will http://metar.vatsim.net/data/metar.php still remain? This is what VatsimPHP uses, and it gets that from the status.txt file itself.


    Please ONLY retrieve this file once every 15 minutes.. if you retrieve any sooner than that, your site WILL be banned..

    As a note, VatsimPHP retrieves this date every THIRTY minutes, for those of you worried if you are using VatsimPHP for your information.

  3. Hehe ... what else is there?


    The one that, paradoxically, makes the biggest difference in the perceived speed of the computer - disk.


    You shouldn't underestimate the time it takes FS9 or FSX to load textures from disk. A fast (rather than large) disk can improve a lot of things on your PC, and not just for Flight Simulator. If you're doing a fair bit of software compilation, faster I/O means less time waiting to compile. I got a Velociraptor after reluctantly parting ways with Ultra-160 SCSI and haven't noticed the difference. It's probably the last rotational drive I'm going to buy - the next refresh for my PC in 2011 or so will have an SSD.


    You are still forgetting one important thing. The speed of the processor cannot be fully utilized unless you have an equal or greater Front Side Bus (FSB) speed. If a processor can run at full speed, but it can't send messages at the same speed, then the additional speed of the processor is useless.

  4. First of all - Welcome to Vatsim!


    Most controllers are extremely willing to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist new pilots. That is one thing that you will find great about Vatsim.


    As for pilot training, there are numerous ARTCC- and Division-sponsored training programs (ZLA has a popular one).

  5. Reading through this, why don't we have a VATUSA-wide event, where each ARTCC has a gettogether within its boundaries. This would provide a more realistic event (since the controllers would be gathered in separate locations), and many more members would be able to participate.

  6. Your abilities are increased with more RAM, however overall frames might diminish. This is because each 'part' of the RAM needs to be checked to handle the operation, which takes time.


    Critics: This is what I was taught by a certified Microsoft IT Academy instructor. The things I have learned from him have gotten me to first in the state and sixth in the nation for Business Professionals of America.

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