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  1. This was meant to be a constructive topic, not to stir up any more mischief. I have a feeling that a mod is about to lock it. Andrew, I have no idea, since I am not an events director.
  2. Can I have some PHP elements in it? (for example, a VatsimPHP Who's Online script)
  3. Perfect timing, the day I will be back from a road trip! (I had better be in EWR before I leave, lol)
  4. He resigned, and now he is replaced by Denis Whitley
  5. This was unexpected, at least to me. I always knew that I had no reason to hesitate to talk to you, even if it was for a few laughs. Good luck Matt!
  6. I was CLE_28_CTR, and I had a blast! There were a ton of enroutes flying over KDTW just to see the traffic, lol
  7. I suggest that you change "Arrive or Depart the ZHU airspace"
  8. I believe that what he means is to be a part of the beta team. I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BE A BETA TESTER FOR THE BEST PIECE OF SOFTWARE IN THE vWORLD!
  9. Well, each ATIS is a different connection (called XXXX_ATIS, where XXXX is the airport ICAO), basically like another controller. You could have it appear as a separate controller in the list, and just show an ATIS symbol next to the airport on the map.
  10. Could you make it so that vroute recognizes the new Voice ATIS callsigns and adds them to the list of controllers at a certain airport? Also, could you make it so it shows on the map that a facility has an ATIS running? Thanks Michal!
  11. If you can see the scope, then you have a good driver To fix the text problem, just turn on "Static Text"
  12. If we are going to show off pictures, then here I am. We could hold it at the Westin @ KDTW. Here are a few links... http://www.metroairport.com http://www.starwoodhotels.com/westin/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=1415
  13. I am strict VRC, even though I often use one monitor. I sure love the 3D mode and (soon) the Voice ATIS
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