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  1. Probably was not located in the database. As soon as Michal sees this post, he will probably add it.
  2. To fix the problem next time, I suggest that you remove "level27.ca" from your data servers, as that is the one that is offline.
  3. Sometimes your friends are not online when you are on vroute
  4. The problem is not vroute, Vatsim, or even Mr. Rok. The problem is that the FAA started charging for updated AIRAC information. I have run into this problem too many times. Many once-great programs and websites are now completely outdated (FSRoute, for example). If only they would have not made the move, as it has completely destroyed many things about the virtual aviation community. Maybe they could charge for the current one, but offer a one-month old version for free?
  5. Yes, I mean a gauge. It would be the icing on the cake
  6. Wouldn't it be great if there would be a vroute FS plugin, where it would display information about Vatsim while in FS? I know, it would be added in the next major release if anything.
  7. I am a novice programmer, so please don't yell at me. Actually, it appears that adding airline logos don't need to be a part of a major release, they would be placed in the status window (which, I believe, is updated centrally). I understand that it would take a while (and I know you have a ton of feedback because it is a new release), but adding a submission form to the website to update logos seems relatively simple.
  8. Do you mean the time the information was last updated? If so, just go to the "Online" button, and look on the bottom-right.
  9. Like Steve said, KZME is what everyone who is not native to US airspace would think of as Memphis. Almost everywhere else on Vatsim (other than the USA, please don't yell at me if I am wrong) uses their facility identifier in this fashion. You would still log on as you would normally, but for bookings via vroute, you have to book via KZME_CTR. Think about it, it is like calling London Heathrow "LHR"! It is very confusing to us in the USA, but not at all to those in Europe!
  10. In the US, we only have '3-5 letters + number' SIDs/STARs (ex. POLAR2, MIZAR3, RID1).
  11. - An option to view all controllers and/or pilots online - An option to view all friends (whether online or not), so we can edit them as needed - A way to see all observers online Also, I have been trying to have SIDs/STARs on the routes, but it does not recognize them. This would be a great addition to vroute in the future. Sorry to seem so demanding!
  12. Why Anchorage of course. Sorry, I had to give it a shot. A decision on next years convention was not made. I'm sure that the process to pick next years location is in the works. I can however, say the the location candidates for next year will be from either the Southern or Northern region. A big factor in choosing next year Convention should be who is willing to Coordinate it, more than where it is to be held. Learning of all the trials and tribulations that Tom had to go through this year it is my opinion that someone local to the area needs to plan the next one. About a year
  13. Consider yourself lucky, I'm going to a BPA state competition, they are not allowing us to have internet (let alone connect to Vatsim!).
  14. ZOB is also having a C-1 OTS during our spotlight. He will be on DTW_APP (we are spotlighting KDTW), so make the candidate sweat!
  15. Think of Vatsim as the US government. One division has certain abilities, while another has others. VATNA is the main governmental body, so they can manage things like region/division changes, policies between divisions (VATUSA and VATCAN), and disputes between divisions. However, the division (VATUSA will be used as the example) should be able to regulate policies within the division, officials within the division (VATUSA1), and disputes within the division. There should be checks and balances between the region and the divisions. For example, VATNA has the ability to approve appointments
  16. Though I did not know Jeff personally (I did talk with him sometimes, though), I understand how many people he has touched. I wish him well in his future endeavours. I just have one question... Will you still mention Detroit as a candidate for the 2008 convention?
  17. First of all, many ARTCCs have already changed their training proceedures to reflect the academy, but some have not. If you have any questions regarding your ARTCC-specific training, please see their forums. The academy is meant to both improve the quality of controllers on Vatsim.
  18. Awesome! Gotta like KZOB having CTR plus all three APPs on!
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