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  1. Yeah, I was DTW_E_GND last year, was fun! Now I get to hop on CTR at my convienience, too bad the Superbowl isn't in ZOB again!
  2. First of all, try connecting at a gate and/or designated parking position. Also, ask controllers for help if you need it!
  3. Are you using the Vatusa login, NOT the Vatsim login?
  4. For our regional night, KZOB is spotlighting our namesake airport, KCLE!
  5. Was just working with you yesterday. What a great choice! They couldn't have picked someone who is better (well, they could have, but they would have had to demote them)!
  6. Woah! Great job Steve! And congrats on being reappointed D21_OM!
  7. I'm not sure GRR sees ANY traffic most days! It was nice to control so many people for their descent (that was it), so repetitive.
  8. Welcome to Vatsim! Might I suggest that you enroll in the ATC Training Academy (if you have not already) here. You will need to take the Pilot/Observer test before you will be accepted.
  9. What is the need to post multiple posts? Have you seen http://www.vatsim.net/prc/? It is an excellent resource.
  10. Well, maybe a weeknight theme would give the event an "edge"? An example is the event I was thinking about for a long time (you may steal this idea). Monday Blues got you down? If so, check out the Monday Night Thunder! Blah, blah, blah!
  11. You did a great job, Todd. Your controllers are ALWAYS on top of things (even though there RARELY are handoffs between KZOB and KZMP).
  12. Congrats! Hey Rog, check your spelling of "announcement".
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