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  1. guess what? She also flies the sim I'm very fortunate She is a keeper, then.
  2. You geocache? Me too! Sorry for hijacking this thread.
  3. I saw the first hour, and it was very detailed. Though they were holding all the REAL interesting stuff until the end.
  4. First of all, we mainly use SimRoutes for our flightplans, as the ARTCCs place the preferred routes there. http://www.vatsim.net/fp/ is where you file online. As for events, unless specifically stated, events do not require reservations.
  5. 1) KZOB Cleveland ARTCC (insert shameless plug here) 2) Either Ventrillo or Teamspeak would work. 3) Schedule it with an ATC (I am available until the 23rd). 4) A Cirrus SR22 after deploying a parachute. That would make it most realistic.
  6. I am not involved in the academy, but I believe cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es are held a few times a week at the discretion of your teacher. However, I'll just wait for one of the "higher-ups" in VATUSA to take it from here...
  7. Tommy is already doing great in Cleveland, starting to think about his C-1 OTS. The academy has already proven itself in it's age!
  8. To visit DirectPlay information on your computer... 1) Click Start, then Run, then type "dxdiag", then click "Ok" 2) Click the "Network" tab. 3) You may change settings there.
  9. ZOB's ATM Steven Perry just graduated from ATC School last week. Just thought I would put that out there
  10. I ALWAYS use the USA-W server, it has provided me with much better connections than ANY other on the VATSIM network!
  11. I am remotely interested, but you guys simply cannot have an entry fee! Ask various organizations (Flight1, PMDG, HiFi Simulations, Level D, etc...) to donate prizes to the winners. I am sure they will willingly donate!
  12. I'm usually controlling CLE_64_CTR in the early morning and the daytime.
  13. I'm going Monday-Tuesday. Go ZOB!
  14. You do your only work during that time Haha ... well it's all about quality, not quantity. Not in this competition
  15. That's because I put up my VOX channel in my ATIS... In ZOB, we do the facility (D21, DTW, PIT, CLE, or ZOB), then the frequency (ex. zob_134.90, d21_124.25, etc...). Some ARTCCs are migrating over to this format (most likely to avoid people interfereing w/ controlling).
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