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  1. I was one of the proponents of removing the VATUSA academy. It was a heavy, bureaucratic structure that flat didn't work. It worked great for a little while, but the problem is that it was near impossible to staff the place with instructors after a while. We went through all kinds of gyrations from volunteers, to mandating (!!!!! in a virtual hobby!) instructors to serve at the academy, and I'm sure some variations on those themes. They.Did.Not.Work. The academy was hurting for instructors so bad. Instructors would have sessions and not show up. Students would wait and wait for a cl[Mod - Happ
  2. Congrats from your southern neighbors, Kyle
  3. Gary - I think those of us suggesting that it should be posted on the website are trying to do the same thing you are - improve the hobby. We have been given sufficient information to indicate to us that the signup process is secure, so "giving out a social security number" analogy put forth by others is flawed. That doesn't change the fact that, in my empty, devoid life, I believe posting the silly thing on the website would be beneficial to VATUSA. Does it really matter to you if you relented and let it be posted on the website? The membership you serve seems to be asking for it. 25%
  4. Any reason why the newsletter isn't posted on the website as well as email?
  5. Just to throw more in to the equation, just because an arrival is a profile arrival does not mean that's how you will end up being cleared. For instance, the real ZAB has been doing RNAV arrival tests that included profile descents, and quite often for pilot using the RNAV/profile arrival the center would use a standard crossing restriction that coincided with the non-RNAV arrival.
  6. Thanks to all that came out. From what I saw, the pilots were very prepared and were on the ball last night. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did
  7. This is tonight, I look forward to seeing everyone there
  8. Pilots, Thanks for deciding to partipate in the Albuquerque ARTCC Friday Night Ops featuring KPHX on November 21st from 0100-0500z! Below is a guide to maximize the efficiency of the event, so that the controllers will be able to keep a smooth flow of traffic going, and you get the best possible service into KPHX. ----ROUTES---- ZAB is asking that you file SIDs and STARs for the Phoenix terminal area. To get preferred routings, please visit www.simroutes.com If you need to find any of the ZAB charts, you may visit http://www.zabartcc.org/controllers/charts.php for them. If your
  9. We do not have ground maps in our sector files except for PHX. If you want to get help with our sector files, you can visit www.zabartcc.org/forum and post there
  10. Congrats Josh. I look forward to working with you
  11. On an unrelated note, it's not real politic to call out one ARTCC's training program on the forum. Just ask how to transfer and leave it at that.
  12. At least they're filing arrivals. That counts for something.
  13. Necroposting is really cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]y.
  14. To be honest Anthony. I think we'll be better off without you tomorrow. Edit: After looking over the CoC, I'm pretty sure Anthony's behaviour violates CoC A(12). While I appreciate Ross stepping in and reprimanding Anthony, it's clear based on my silent (to this point, anyway) observations that Anthony has it out for ZAB, his conduct on this forum is unacceptable and it demands real action from the figures in authority.
  15. Removed, as I was pointed out privately I was wrong.
  16. Awesome Nate certainly is the right guy for the job.
  17. Let's consult the ole CoR Region = VATNA Division = VATUSA I always get confused by those terms. Seems backward to me. In any case, we can safely [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that region and division are interchangeable in these sections.
  18. Dan - I was with you that whole post, but I implore you to remove that last paragraph, lest your real point get lost in the flames soon to follow.
  19. The problem is that as ARTCC administrators we are still dealing with two groups of controllers. We can debate the merits of this, but it's the situation we're faced with. The first group did it "the old way" (such as people coming back from the dropped list after signing up 457 years ago but never followed through, or people who like to take their time and are gradually working their way way but got in before the new system took effect) and the second group you're a part of. As you can imagine, it is very hard to create training programs that can deal with these two groups with hugely di
  20. On the VATUSA website, click "New Members Click Here" Or http://vatusa.org/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=PN_Content&file=index&req=visit&artid=52 Also, look at: http://vatusa.org/training/
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