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  1. I've had many, many fun hours in VRC and it is where I learned the ATC gig for VATSIM! We have now moved to primarily EuroScope over here, but a big thank you to you Ross for creating and maintaining a software that has lived this long!
  2. I was editing a flightplan in the flightplan window (the Windows form one) and just before I hit the OK button the pilot logged off/lost connection and that caused EuroScope to crash. Not sure if this has been addressed before but I thought I'd make a note of it. ES Version: 3.2.29 Regards, Patrik
  3. After updating to the very latest FSUIPC.dll I can get AFV to work for about 20-30 minutes, after that it will stop transmitting/recieve voice and present error message #1, or display nothing until clicking Disconnect in the case of error message #2 below. I have searched the forums and the internet but with no luck. Now, the FSUIPC_ERR_NOTOPEN error seems odd as numerous other programs are using FSUIPC-connections at the same time with no issue. The setup is swift on Windows 7 with AFV standalone client v. 1.6.2 using FS2004. Error message #1 (Buffer full): ----------------
  4. Similar problem here, but it doesn't disconnect just isn't connected anymore, hence, no voice from ATC/other aircraft. When disconnecting a run-time error occurs in the Audio for VATSIM 1.6.32 application is displayed with a wall of text. Running FS2004 with swift on Windows 7.
  5. I run into this from time to time, due to flying at obscure hours and destinations with some frequency This type of "lecture" usually comes from a newer member that hasn't quite grasped the "spririt of VATSIM" yet, hence might confuse the "As real as it gets" slogan from MSFS to be shared with VATSIM, in no small part due to the fact that we do try to implement realism as much as possible. In my opinion I keep a tool such as VATspy handy and when it's time to approach I check for any conflicting traffic and usually contact them via private message if they aren't awoken by my UNICOM
  6. Love it! This should be auto-generated on a weekly basis!
  7. I think the local season plays a huge role, as well as weather. A nice sunn summer's day will render far less connections than a dreary winter day, but it's to be expected. Number will probably cycle as they have before, some "old dogs" might be faced with new circomestances in their life which may reduce or totally remove the amount of time the can alot to simming. Also worth mentioning, the UK is usually pretty heavy on traffic, that will demand more of controllers once they open up the scope, as well as more training.
  8. Many valid points Nikos! I'm agreeing with you that it's hard to find "the perfect online Flightsim experience", mainly because there are so many definitions of that. This forum is filled with people complaining/having thoughts on too much or too little activity, I need not go into the details here, but there are several "hot" discussions on this board. I do welcome them, it is good that every member gets a chance to tell his or her view on things, however the rules by VATSIM are set as close to the common ground in my opinion, taking into account requests from people that donate infrastru
  9. I'm so glad there's no IT equivalent for that! I would catch so many viruses... =}
  10. Actually, I know for a fact that Mr. Shmo is very competent Jokes aside, I got this matter in my knee as a member of VATTHD regarding the aforementioned super center, South-East Asia Control. I was very split in this matter, that's no secret, there are many issues (such as controller knowledge of many different vACCs, after all in SE Asia there are different countries too, not just parts of the same as in the US) but on the other hand, the upside is that we can provide control (top-down to major airports in every vACC) in a region of VATSIM that is very quite most of the time, which I l
  11. Also looking forward to this, I've had my doubts, and still have some, but I'm going to try and clock some time on this position and see how I like it. For VATSIM it's a good thing, especially in this region of the world that might have less flights than one small European center have at one given time!
  12. I actually saw Pyongyang staffed once by Chinese controllers, however, when I asked the VATSIM China head honcho about it, he said they should not control there and that it was infact, VATSIM wise a part of VATKOR (Korea), and due to the policical situation on the Korean peninsula it was a no-go, and while I'm not sure nor have asked, the VATASIA-people probably agree. I'll give the same advice as the others in this thread, talk to the VATASIA people, they, if any, can answer the question. I have flown in and out from ZKPY (Pyongyang/Sunan Int'l) a few times, and there's nothing stopping y
  13. Sounds sane, let's make the 10th anniversary really rock!
  14. It won't load for me, but I've been awaiting your page, good job that it's finally complete!
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