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  1. Thank you so much guys. That was really well done!
  2. One bit of info you left out of your specs Charan: What version of Windows do you run and is it 32bit or 64bit? (I'm going to guess that it's 64bit given that you say you are running 8GB of RAM).
  3. You should try reseating the graphics card (making sure to get any dust off of it while it's out of the case) and maybe even reinstalling your card's drivers. But have you also looked at this thread: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=48169 and try to apply that fix? This may be the same problem that lots of people have with FSX and add-ons. In fact, it's not just add ons...disappearing graphics can even happen in default a/c such as the tryke. Anyway...it doesn't hurt to try this fix.
  4. Tim: First, welcome to VATSIM. While the above posts are certainly pointing you in the right direction, they neglect to welcome you (I see you just joined yesterday). As with many good things, VATSIM requires a bit of a learning curve. Unless you have some experience with online flight simulation, you are going to be confused and lost. That's why VATSIM and many members have set up the Pilot Resource Center (the "PRC"). That's the link previously provided above: http://www.vatsim.net/prc/ While it may seem overwhelming, there is a lot of information in the PRC that will help y
  5. I certainly hope this is NOT true.....sigh Me too. This seems to fly in the face of a lot of expectations we clearly laid out for the community in our letter viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35019 and appears to be an attempt to make VATSIM "exclusive" rather than inclusive.
  6. So let me see if I understand you correctly....you are coming on to a VATSIM forum and openly admitting that you have access to the BOG mail list and are reading those private emails? And you are actually bragging about this? You've really thought this through carefully haven't you?
  7. Hi Chris...welcome to VATSIM. Where to start depends on where your interests lie. 1. "I am Interested in using VATSIM as an Air Traffic Controller". If so, then you need to join a division and an local area (for example...the Phillipines). The local level staff will get you started on the local procedures and provide you with the sector files for the area for use within VRC (or Euroscope - both are the Air Traffic Control clients (ie software) that you use to work as ATC). 2. "I am Interested in using VATSIM to fly online". If so, then your best place to start is the VATSI
  8. Welcome to the new look of the VATSIM Forums. We've upgraded things a bit but the basic functions you are all used to should still be here. There are some new features which you may discover along the way such as the ability to add friends to your profiles as well as the capability to filter from whom you receive posts. We hope you continue to enjoy the forums.
  9. Plus...seeing how you just joined yesterday, you should really review the VATSIM Pilot Resource Center (the PRC). You can find the answers to almost every question you have plus those that you haven't even thought of yet in the PRC which is located here: http://vatsim.net/prc A little time spent reading through some of the lessons in the PRC go a long way to getting you online and enjoying the network much quicker. Welcome to VATSIM.
  10. I've suggested this a couple of other times and if you are running Vista, I urge you to try it and see if it doesn't make a difference for you. Here is my original post from another thread which asked a similar question:
  11. I'm trying to remember the exact explanation but it was something along those lines. There is something on or around that button that basically causes the graphics in FS (and any other app I guess) to be drawn twice (or something like that) which obviously wrecks havoc with performance. If you use Vista, you can see that a portion of the button arcs over the top of the task bar so that maximized windows actually are behind it. By staying off of it (i.e. resizing your window), you avoid the problem and performance improves. It doesn't appear to hurt most apps (for example, I'm using Firefox
  12. I know it sounds silly but not maximizing and keeping it windowed (and not touching the Vista Start button - this is key) was a night and day difference on my system. It doubled my frame rates in FSX (from 10-15 to 30+ with sliders all the way to the right) and tripled (and even quadrupled) them in FS9 (from mid teens to over 40 with add ons and to 80-100 with default scenery and addon aircraft). It was a trick told to me by a respected FS developer and the results were amazing (at least on my system). You have nothing to lose in trying it. I will say that this was a Vista-only trick...it
  13. 1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Vista. I've used it for nearly a year now (the 64-bit version) with no FS9 or FSX issues whatsoever. In fact, they both are very quick and smooth, particularly FS9 (even with addon aircraft and scenery). I use the same CPU as you have Paul with an 8800GT card and 6GB of RAM. You'll be fine with FSX. If you opt for Vista, make sure you are running the latest Service Pack (as it addresses some performance issues) and that you run FSX (and FS9) in a windowed mode which IS NOT MAXIMIZED. Resize the FS window so that it fills the screen but does not to
  14. *Sigh* If only people were a little bit more tolerant of members who just joined the network today and are clearly trying to do the right thing.... Hi Joe and welcome to VATSIM. If you can get through the other stuff in that post, the link to that section of the PRC is one of the best explanations of this question (which MANY new members ask by the way so don't feel bad in the least) I've ever read. Thanks to Michael Roche for his work on that part of the PRC. Here is the link once again: http://mbev.net/wikka/ChoosingACallsignOnVATSIM Monitor the network a bit as an obse
  15. Well...I have to say that your hardware seems to be pretty good. If you were running Vista, I was about to make a suggestion that made a world of difference for me (and I have a similar system although my CPU (a Q9550) is a bit more powerful). Unfortunately, my suggestion (as far as I know) is not applicable for XP32 (it involved resizing the FSX window so that rather than running maximized, it runs Normal and is sized so it does not touch the Vista start button - I know, it sounds flakey but it more than doubled and in some cases tripled my frame rates with sliders all the way to the right.
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