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  1. So long good fellow. Sorry to hear you are leaving. Through all those years I've learned, that it would be a waste of time to go into discussion with you about your descision. Always blue skies buddy. N.B. If you feel the desire to organize another VATSIM convention just drop me a call.
  2. Alex, maybe I can be a bit helpful here. The former EDBB (Berlin) FIR has been divided into two sectors. The northern sector ist now logging in as EDWW_E_CTR and the southern sector as EDMM_E_CTR. Both sectors only cover the respective part of the former EDBB FIR. So when EDWW_CTR and EDWW_E_CTR are online, Servinfo must show the original EDWW Sector and the EDWW_E_CTR (former northern part of EDBB FIR) as two seperate sectors. Same applies to EDMM. All this is according to real life sectorization. Hope this helps.
  3. Perfect choice Martin Welcome Tom No doubt this will add a lot of momentum to VATEUD TD. Thanks for addressing this challenging task.
  4. Hi Ben, I was flying Zürich to Dubai three times during the last five years. Twice Emirates routed via Balkan, Black Sea, Turkey and Iran and once they took the other route via Balkan, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Saudi Arabia. I don't know exactly, but I guess it's simply depending on weather and wind conditions along the route. The most common however is the Black Sea / Iran route. Just in case you are looking for a route from Germany, Switzerland or Austria have a look at http://fpc.vacc-sag.org . All real life routes validated by (the real) Eurocontrol Maastricht (at least for t
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