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  1. You may look at changes in altitude and speed. i once did something which worked quite well by simply measuring looking at speeds below 40 knots. If you consider two cycles you can even interpolate a bit, this might become an issue for helicopters. in that case you probably need to create a DB of airport altitudes (or maybe a change of less than 2 feet is a landing? :D ). I even had some PHP code working out departure and arrival times for real time events.
  2. Available for download here... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NCXrLTb8U6KgdyWA0f63hBJshM6R8hDj/view?usp=sharing If anyone wants to have a look and maybe put it on Git or similar it would be nice for having it avialable for everybody maybe in a more "modern" look Thanks, Luca
  3. i have stuff written for vACC Italy some years ago, if you know PHP and MySql i can send them over, but i have no time to adapt them or modifiy them.
  4. Still nothing for sure, but it looks like i might make it... do we get a "repeaters" badge?
  5. oh well i just bought it, PMDG should work from what i get...
  6. Finally got a computer which SHOULD run FSX and i get an error 1603 at the end of the install process. Been two days now and i can't get over it. Has anyone information about the FSX to FSX:SE compatibility for addons like PMDG, ATR flight 1, Active SKy 6? If spending 10€ solves the install issue I'd go this way rather than waste another couple days trying. THANKS!
  7. I don't have any recent code, but you need to read the data files (start from status.vatsim.net and fetcha random data file), then generate the stats you need from there.. (for users over 24 hours you may probably need something more). Some time ago i think i even released some code here in the forums, have you tried looking at older posts?
  8. Check the mysqli I stead of MySQL commands.... Not sure but I seem to remember having this issue once. Not working much with php recently, sorry.
  9. We need to "rebuild" this service. Kieran already has the files. Being CTP Week this got a bit delayed.
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