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  1. Hi everybody It is possible to set a fix ground speed or air speed to an aircraft on cruise flying without having to set it manual before starting the simulation with the slider? I want, for example, that the aircrat mantian an certain GS in order to make certain sittuations happen. I am using the ASE software, and you can set de GS route speed and cruise IAS; but does ES take in account those settings? because when the simulation starts the GS changes to higher values, and so i have to set all the speeds again using the slider and de IAS= Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot, going to try to!!!!! Thanks again
  3. From west to east, starting form the west the first, the second is 15nm the other 60nm, all distances meaning from the first one, how do I change that??? Thanks
  4. Ok, thanks, thinking now, for example can I write on each airport, the three of them, the same name of approach, for example in suaa I asociate sumu_app callsign and so on for the others???????? Sorry for still asking, thanks Ross
  5. Question. In Uruguay the main airport is SUMU , the problems is that the approach service, SUMU_APP, gives service into TMA carrasco that have in side sumu and other two airports suaa and suls. So for example if i am conected as sumu_app the servinfo shows only app around sumu, leaving outside the other airports. I want to know is someone can help me on how to change that in order sumu_app includes on the drawing the other two airports. Thanks a lot
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