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  1. The problem was not just this single aircraft. It appeared like this on every single flight. The problem was a corrupted airways.txt file and was corrected by replacing it. Thank you
  2. Hi, When toggling the route draw function in ES 3.2 the route is correctly drawn until destination, but then all routes go directly to N00.00.000 E000.00.000 (Equator) Se picture: How can I fix this?
  3. Thank you. I'll check. I guess I have to download the .exe file and database. I can't really remember how I did this, but I'll try and see.
  4. Hi, It's been a while since I made a sectorfile from scratch but I'm planning a new one. I want to start with the coastline and national borders and the last time I did this I could use a NOAA (http://rimmer.ngdc.noaa.gov/mgg/coast/getcoast.html) website to extract coordinates. This site is now unavailable. How can I extract coastline and national borders now? Thank you
  5. According to the Euroscope Wiki that does not seem to be correct. The Wiki pages states: The COP lines have a priority from top to bottom. So the topmost line that verifies all rules will be chosen even if lower is a more suitable line which should be chosen. Therefore place the lines with most rules at the top and the lines with least rules at the bottom. To me that sounds more like that the topmost lines in the ESE are read through first. Not according to points in a FPL.
  6. No... Unfortunately the issue has not been resolved. At least I'm not aware of any solution to the problem...
  7. I see... At least it is a pilot client issue, and not a problem with the sectorfile.
  8. Hi, In Oslo TMA there is a position Oslo Director on 136.4 MHz. This position is ENGM_D_APP on VATSIM. For some reason only pilots running FSInn can see this position online. If a pilot uses SquawkBox he can not see the position online and he can not contact it. All ATC sees the position as normal. One idea is that it has to do with the relatively high frequency of 136.4, but this has yet to be confirmed. Any ideas on what might solve this problem? Or what is causing it? Thank you
  9. Both yes and no. It may appear for a few seconds, but then disappears again Just like it happens in both ESOS3 and Area TEKVA sectors... Please take a look at the pictures below (taken from a sim session I've made to illustrate the problem). Still inside ESOS3 sector, handed over to me ENOS2. Displays correct COPX EPAPI and XFL 110 Seconds later the COPX and XFL disappears as shown in this picture when the aircraft is inside Area TEKVA. A few moments later, still inside Area TEKVA, the correct COPX and XFL appears again: And disappears again... After entering
  10. Todor, The tag has the Sector Entry/Exit Point Name and Sector Entry/Exit Altitude items. As you can see in the picture both on the tag and the Sector Inbound List, ESEBA is actually COPN as is correct and expected. The entry altitude FL250 is also displayed (both in the list and to the very right in the tag's 3rd line). This is also correct. However. As you can see in the Sector Inbound List, the COPX nor XFL is displayed correctly... Eivind
  11. Hi, I have a problem programing the correct COPX lines in the ESE file. Please take a look at the attached picture: LTR01, a B737 from Sweden is inbound Gardermoen, ENGM. Sweden Control (ESOS3) is online, the same is Gardermoen APP (ENOSTE). I control Oslo control sector 2 (ENOS2). LTR01 is currently in Sweden Sector 3. On his way to ENGM he will enter Area TEKVA, a small airspace Sweden control, but what can be delegated to Oslo sector 2 if needed. After Area TEKVA LTR01 will briefly enter ENOS2 before finally arriving in ENOSTE sector controlled by Oslo APP. The LoA betw
  12. I have a question regarding the GUEST feature of the ESE file. I've read the manual but still can't seem to understand how I should use it. Can someone explain more detailed please? Aircraft taking off from airport ENZZ will enter ENZZ_APP (Approach) airspace after departure. They will soon be handed over to ENZZ_CTR but some aircraft will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] through ENZZ_D_APP (Director) airspace first. Obviousily I don't want the aircraft to be handed over to ENZZ_D_APP, but to ENZZ_CTR instead. Can this problem be dealt with with the GUEST line (or in another way)? Thanks
  13. Todor, Sure! Here they are: As you can see an aircraft on the GOTUR 5A SID should be handed by Oslo TWR West to ENGM APP Sector East...
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