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  1. Isn't this the official list for VATUSA: https://www.vatusa.net/info/members
  2. OK Folks, as this thread is repeating itself; a roll up of the review input is necessary. 1. All the public review input so far is against 8.02(a) for 1 hour/12 months. 2. As 8.04 already allows local jurisdictions to set level of activity for Major Airspace and Event Endorsements (no greater that 1 hour or event/3 months), then 8.02(a) applies only to minor and Restricted airspace. Revised wording options provided for consideration by the working group: 1. Keep present wording (always an option) 2. Revise 8.04 to also include Restricted Airspace, leaving 8.02(a) for m
  3. I find the PDC a very useful tool, even when not real busy. And if my airport charts show PDC's are used then pilots should expect it. A lot of experienced pilots are very efficient in reading back a clearance as their planning and knowledge gives them a leg up because they know what will be given by CD. However, it never fails, I have one on approach vectors and a pilot calls for clearance and in 5 or 6 seconds I give it. Then the VATSIM little experienced pilot gives a 30 second response full of ER's and UH's and then questions about what he heard. By that time, the approaching guy is out of
  4. To get us back on topic (it seems it has been sidetracked into realism and speaking), I agree with Nate's posts on needs to accommodate non-radar tower use. As FE, I have built files for vSTARS only for towered fields that are B's and C's. We have a bunch of D's that I would rather not built a file for in vSTARS. So the features mentioned by those above to facilitate tower coverage should be added to vERAM to allow that program to be used for other towers. It would seem to handle the limited code availability issue mentioned above also. Also I intend to keep a clean copy of VRC for m
  5. Well, darn the luck, my cruise in France ends 7/22/17 and the convention is one week later. I do not suppose there is any chance that VATSIM will move the convention one week earlier; No, I didn't really think so. So is there anyone, like a VATSIM person who runs an AIRBNB house could put up an older couple for a very small amount of Pounds for a week so we could attend. I may even be able to talk my wife to go home early and it would be only me. I would be willing to do laundry or yard work to stay, rather than fly back to London five days later. Anyone with a heart would help me; I am so
  6. The ZAB file up. Go to zabartcc.org and click on the Files icon and you will find it. Questions, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Ed ZAB_FE
  7. Please pick a weekend where the London Underground or National Railway workers are not on strike for those of us that are arriving and departing via Heathrow. Ed ZAB_FE VATSIM-UK Visiting Controller
  8. Try this link: http://bl.ocks.org/d/7a389948743a236c4e85 Then use google maps to get the exact coordinates and elevation Ed, ZAB_FE
  9. Thanks guys for taking the time to provide me your insights. I will p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] the information on to our instructors. Ed
  10. Hi Ross, I am going to say ACSim, as TwrTrainer has basic commands to go on final "ef" and to land full stop "fs". My instructors are not able to get the aircraft in ACSim to lock onto the ils and that is suppose to be a feature of the program. They asked me to look and see if something is missing from our sector file that will enable that feature. What should I be looking for, either in ACSim itself or in my sector file or does it live somewhere else? Thanks for any help or insights you can give me. Ed
  11. Hi all, I am the FE for ZAB and new to ACtrainer. Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, but is there a way to implement an ILS approach to an airport (in my case KPHX), so the instructor, after the student gives the command, can get the aircraft to lock on and fly the ils? Thanks for any info on this and if this is not a correct question, let me know that also, Ed Sterling ZAB_FE
  12. Lennart, Sorry you were having trouble with the ZAB web site. The whole site died several weeks ago and was out of service until about six days ago. The chief has most of it working; however, some links may not be working. For your info, the Buckeye Two (BXK2) departure procedure is what you need. The preferred route for Buckeye1 (BXK1) has not been updated yet. If the link is broken then try myairplane.com. Ed
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