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  1. Thanks! Is the new forum system somehow more prone to these types of accounts or do I just not log on enough to see them regularly?
  2. There are now two posts in the screenshot section with links to files. Out of an abundance of caution, are these spam/troll accounts or am I being paranoid?
  3. Your problem isn't unique to being text only; my past few flights I've been "forgotten" by various controllers because of workload and I fly voice. The amount of pilots the past few weeks has exploded and controllers at busy airports and in busy FIRs have a massive workload. Add to that constant stepping on each other, inexperienced pilots struggling to keep up, and inability to split FIRs consistently because of controller availability and it can be quite a chaos. That being said, as a controller (even with a decent alias file), if I have 20 aircraft all needing instructions and
  4. I thought EHAM's 18R (arriving) 36L (departing) was bad until I flew into Paris De Gaulle recently. That's a taxi as well... Anyway, the controllers at DutchVACC will occasionally deviate from the real-world combinations for various reasons. Today I had 27 arriving 24 departing while real world was 18R arriving. If there's a controller online you can always check the ATIS or send a private message. I'd personally rather have pilots message me and ask if they're unsure than having to deal with some weird maneuvers at the very last moment. As for it being the PIC's responsibility to choo
  5. Are you running vPilot as administrator (or whatever the Mac equivalent is?)
  6. I may be wrong but I have a feeling this is exactly what happens anyway. As others have mentioned, it's more that those particular callsigns are particularly notorious and have a history of immature people thinking it would be 'funny' to recreate those flights (which also happens to be relatively low-effort and low-time investment to do). Something like MH17, on the other hand, is not really something that is easy to 'replicate' in a multiplayer environment in the same way that flying in to a building is and thus I'm not aware of any issues around people fooling around with that callsi
  7. I see your point, and I agree with the sentiment, but it seems to me the issue then is more pilots misbehaving and wilfully disrupting things than specific callsigns. I can see where you're coming from, but the issue in my mind is more that there are flight numbers which don't need to be used (because they encourage misbehaviour) outside of the 9/11 flights - to name a few: MH370/MAS370, MH17/MAS17, 4U9525/ GWI9525. Are they the same caliber as the events that day? No (though the GermanWings was also intentional), but if people want to fly between AMS-KUL there's no reason for them to intentio
  8. This is a good point. I wouldn't mind a blanket ban on (accident) callsigns/flight numbers which are retired by airlines in real life. Adds to the realism as well. Wouldn't it be possible to restrict the required callsigns on connection? That way nobody can run afoul of the rules, since attempting to connect with a restricted callsign would result in an error.
  9. To whom it may concern (webmasters et al), While on my phone I noticed the date of the most recent news item is set at 15 June 2019 in the shortened overview: Once I click on it the date is correct in the full news item. Thought I'd let you know!
  10. Will this be emailed to all existing members (insofar as people opt in to those mails)? I know I would prefer a heads up in this situation, seeing as I'm not on these forums that often.
  11. Hi all, Disregard, just got an email with more info.
  12. I managed to get a slot, but the whole SSO debacle really should be sorted for the next one. I hope that oceanic will either accept (Hoppie) ACARS or text. Voice position reports don't work for the volume of pilots, especially since at least 50% have no clue what they're doing. Last time I flew CTP I got my first POSREP in pretty much as I was leaving the NATs. Last time I brought it up I was told that voice is more realistic and delays are normal. As far as I know, most NAT flights now use CPDLC/ACARS to do position reports, with voice being used by mainly business jets and older airc
  13. On text today: PILOT: so can we talk on here PILOT: like general CONTROL: Pilot, Thats a Negative Captain for free talk you can switch over to a Private Message however before we proceed any futher I would like to inform you I'm in a happy relationship with my girlfriend lol
  14. A fellow DutchVACC controller posted this not long ago in our forums: (on text) (pilot): Communication check (ATC): [pilot], I can read you 5 Radio check via text, that's a new one...
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