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  1. Dear Edward. Apologies for the extreme late message. I tried your solution and, unfortunately, it did not seem to work. Regards, Keith
  2. Dear Harry. Belated thanks for your reply, which was most useful. I managed to sort out the problem, which was due to the mis-placement of certain files. Now all is working fine now. My sincere thanks for your [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. Keith Watt. 918819
  3. Dear VATSIM forum. Could someone please advise what is a "FSD Server", and what benefits does it bring (i.e do I need to activate it, open it, etc) ? Non-techy controller Many thanks. Keith Watt 918819
  4. Dear VATSIM/ES forums. I've a few issues with my ES radar display (v3.2). Firstly, am currently controlling Humberside Tower (HUY_TWR). When I go to select the runway in use for departures and arrivals, on the option page to select the active runway I note that there are multiple runway option boxes for runway 02 and 20 (main runway at Humberside). So which one do I select ? I nominally select one pair of boxes for runway 02. Then an aircraft appears on the apron and files a flight plan. When I go into the flight plan strip I am unable to select the runway in use. So then I go back int
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