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  1. UPDATE: New website is live! visit it at www.zkcartcc.org or zkc.vatusa.net. -TS
  2. All controllers need to visit this pageand fill out the quick form in order to be added to the new website database. We will be releasing part of a brand new website in the coming days! - Tracy Salas, Interm ZKC Webmaster
  3. [Moderator: Statements of ARTCC internal politics really don't have a place in the VATSIM forums. Tracy, I realize you may not have any other way to effectively reach the ZAU members, but that can't be helped. - RAC 887155]
  4. Anthony- the old site is about 350 MB, uses php and 3 MySQL databases. Richard- The site is down not because of technical difficulties, it is because Alex canceled hosting when he removed me from the position of webmaster. So far as I can tell there was no backup in place when this decision was made.
  5. Alex Zayas canceled our webhosting. He has choosen to create a website himself. Not sure where you can expect to view zau docomeents.
  6. Jeff- I am sorry that you have had to go throught that; obviously someone has an extremely foul sense of humor. It says alot about our organization when people find it funny to do such a thing, and take personal attacks when this place was set up to enjoy a HOBBY. It should remain just that and it not to be taken so seriously that you would feel the need to do such a thing to anybody. Thanks Jeff for taking the higher ground-i hope you figure out who did this. TS
  7. I love the way back machine.....I was looking at those 3 or 4 months ago, intersting to see.....
  8. Stephen: Ian(and i am paraphrasing) called this an unfair enforcement of the rules because Mark was punished when several others in violation of thie policy were not. Now that it has been brought to the attention of the general VATSIM membership, VATUSA not uniformly enforcing this policy would be unfair.
  9. May I quietly remind everyone of the VATSIM code of conduct please: This is avaliable for viewing at http://www.vatsim.net/library/codeofconduct.html. I urge all of you to review these in case you may have forgotten them.
  10. I have to agree with Chance. I Think that Marc Was onf of the best Chief's on VATUSA. THANK YOU Marc for each and every thing tha you have strived for to make VATUSA better,
  11. hey all: I just finished making the VZAU artcc Indiactor, but it is not yet *official* I emailed mark to see if we can make it official. heres the url: http://online.vatsimindicators.net/your_vatsim_ID/2343.png examples avaliable here: http://www.vatsimindicators.net/ind.pmd/lib/indicator?id=2343 comment or suggestions or questions: techie4life (at) gmail *dot* com
  12. Make sure you hav fsuipc.dll downloaded and placed in your modules folder.
  13. I have FS2004 and i installed SBrelay, SB, and ATC. when i try to get on i get logged onto the server, it shows up on vatsim, but the ATC directory only shows UNICOM is avaliable, adn i know there is controller at the airport, so i log onto ASRC first and then onto FS2004 and i dont show up on radar even though everything else seem to be connected properly.
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