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  1. yep. for now you can pretty much consider it the VATSIM format as it no longer fully complies with neither FAA or ICAO
  2. could be from the same issue, or if there are no bugs crawling around, your windows security has decided not to trust the app and is blocking it
  3. things dont just get deleted by themselves if i were you id start scanning for viruses and other bugs. thats often a sign you've got something crawling around in there
  4. all times are Zulu and estimated Departure time is your estimated departure time enroute time is your estimated length of time for the total length of your flight, IE how long your flight is going to be the VATSIM forms do not currently support the ICAO format
  5. you have to be more specific on your first question. its often as simple as launching the sim, parking somewhere at the airport (away from runways and taxiways. often at a terminal or general aviation/cargo ramp), launching vpilot and connecting. or do you mean with model matching? second and third question, yes its completely voluntary. there are many groups that can help you. VATSTAR is one that is often recommended and may provide what you are looking for.
  6. vpilot wont show them automatically unless they are in the database. until thats submitted to ross to possibly add them, you can use the VMR generator to create your own model matching file to add them to your client, each of your pilots would have to use that file as well to add the model matching for those models
  7. thats [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming there is something to fix. not much info to go off of so far. cant even verify the user was actually connected. wouldnt be the first time someone thought they were online but really werent due to a connection issue on their end. or in one case, user thought he was connected to VATSIM, but was actually connected to IVAO wish i could make some of this stuff up
  8. Zain not sure how you are mixing up technical issues and turning them into a blame game towards pilots, pretty sure as "real" as you like to be, you make a ton of mistakes yourself if you can separate the technical from the blame game, you might get somewhere solving it
  9. also no rule saying propliners cant go to the gates that have Jetways. you simply often wont use the jetway if its not the correct type for the aircraft, instead theyll pull up some stairs (if needed) or if equipped with stairs, use that. they can be bussed or enter the terminal through an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned door (if one is available).
  10. Rainer i would also recommend having your scenery ready before hand. if it is taking you that long, thats going to possibly cause issues with traffic and/or ATC. if it hasnt yet, its going to at some point, especially if you happen to be flying during very busy times like events. 30 seconds to 2 minutes stuck in the same position is a lot. plan ahead to avoid issues down the road, controllers will be less amused with having to deal with a conflict rather then a lost target
  11. just be warned, minute you start adding payware addons to your model matching, your sim will start to suffer for it. high poli counts are what often drags your sim down the drain. its one thing to run the addon while you are flying, its a whole different thing when you start seeing a lot of them around you. it starts to add up quick. there is a reason why most AI models are very frame rate friendly, they keep those poli counts low
  12. not sure how you can misunderstand that and say Ross, who is the developer of vPilot by the way, is wrong? they are both saying the exact same thing. vpilot is not for xPlane
  13. problem is the network must try to reduce the amount of time an instructor/teacher is required to spend with a student. its simply unsustainable as we already know. what you recommend can be done though, via video lessons, where the presenter can present the material. works for online college courses, no reason it cant work for us. take some hints from https://www.m0a.com, hes a very good presenter. im sure we have at least one in the community who is able to present in the same fashion (more then likely more then one in the training staff)
  14. lost coms on VATSIM are like emergencies, often require permission. in those situations Dace i would simply .wallop to get a supervisor to help, just to cover your rear so you dont go lost coms and tick anyone off and get the other end of the stick. with a supervisor checking for you, you at least are talking to someone and you are covered. otherwise you might run into that one wiseguy that ignores you and plays stupid later when they wallop you for not calling (been there, but i docomeent everything on text )
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