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  1. Confirmed they were using vPilot. It was Todd was the aircraft that I noticed that had the banking issue.
  2. Hi Ross, I noticed one bug with the new version. When an aircraft takes off and banks left, the aircraft does turn left, but the model banks right. Let me know what additional information you need. Regards,
  3. Wow Ross! That is a lot of work. Will definitely test it and thanks for the fix. Regards,
  4. I had an issue when I first installed the IVAO model set where after IVAP was installed, I would start the MTL Library installer. This caused the model set library to be installed in the incorrect location, which gave me the same error messages. I posted my issue in the IVAO forums and they recommend the following: 1. Install IVAP, but not the MTL Library. 2. Go to your start menu and you should see a MTL Library Installer which is a stand-alone installer for the MTL Library. 3. Launch the MTL Library Installer and download the library. Voilà, all files in the proper location.
  5. I usually start EFB, set up my flight, then fire up FS and lastly vPilot. Try that order and see if it helps,
  6. I can also confirm that v1.51 of EFB works with vPilot without any issues.
  7. Sometimes, just disconnecting from VATSIM and reconnecting but selecting a different server may resolve the issue also. While controlling yesterday, I had a pilot with the same issue. For him switching from wav to direct sound resolved the issue. Regards,
  8. Sounds like a broadcasting issue. Is it possible that vPilot is broadcasting over the entire network instead of just to the FS PC? I know this shouldn't happen because of the Simconnect, but it sure sounds like it.
  9. By default the VIP model set is installed in the SimObject\airplanes folder. If you have it installed elsewhere you will need to modify your FSX.cfg file. Otherwise just move the VIP folder into your airplanes folder and you should be good to go. Regards,
  10. I was speaking to one of our pilots last night regarding this issue as he is having this issue and did report it here in the forums. He indicated that the stuttering was mostly when in the air and there where other aircraft around him and sometimes when taxing.
  11. Someone is working on it (for the life of me I can't remember where the post was) and they are going to send the model matching rules to Ross when complete. Regards,
  12. vPilot uses your aircraft type code and callsign to display the correct model for others. For example, if you are flying as DAL000 with an B738 then vPilot will look up the model matching rules to display a Delta B738. Don't know about your UT2 issue as I haven't purchased it yet. Regards,
  13. I have both still installed and do not have this issue. Perhaps try minimizing the Maximum amount of aircraft to display in the General Settings? If you install vPilot on your FS PC, do you have the same problem? Some other pilots have reported the same issue when vPilot is network, but works fine locally. This may help Ross pin point the issue. Regards,
  14. Another test in case it is not a network issue. Write down your flight sim display & scenery settings then lower them to the bare minimums and see if you still get stutters. If you don't, then gradually increase them until you start to see stutters and then adjust accordingly.
  15. Bit of a loss with this one. One thing that comes to mine is that you have some background applications or services that may be running that could be interfering. Are non-essential services such as Windows Update, etc. stopped? Are your running on a wired or wireless network? Any Netflix running in the household? Is port forwarding on UPD port 3290 configured on your router?
  16. My secondary PC is Windows 8 and my FS PC is Windows 7 and have not had any issues. Just for kicks... try disabling your antivirus on both machines and see if this helps.
  17. Not sure if it is relevant, but at one point I had this issue (also running vPilot on a secondary PC) and I had antialiasing checked in FSX. Unchecking resolved the issue for me.
  18. Remote computer only. However, any models for model matching will need to be installed on your primary PC. Regards,
  19. Why not sign up for both of them, try them out and figure out which one is best for you. Regards,
  20. No need to convert anything. Once you have installed the MTL Library there is nothing else to do. vPilot has model matching rules for the IVAO MTL Library.
  21. I am using the IVAO MTL library. It is free and is very complete with lots of models and is updated on a regular basis.
  22. It is on my todo list, but that list is quite long and will most likely be a while before I can get to it.
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