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  1. Well done guys. It´s always a great pleasure to fly to LQSA with fantastic ATC
  2. Hi Wade! All you need -> http://www.vatroute.net/
  3. Tune your radio to the socalled Unicom frequency (122.800). Bear in mind that this is a text only frequency and there you can report your intentions, e.g. "KJFK traffic, taxing holdingposition RWY 22L"
  4. Hello Jonathon! All you need can be found here: http://www.vatsim-uk.org/downloads/index.php Michael
  5. Congratulations Peter - well deserved!
  6. All the best Luca in the future and a "Thank you" to Donato for his efforts on Vatsim.
  7. Hello Erwin! Go ahead and feel free to do so. As a controller we can offer you more than the boring ILS approach Just choose an airport you would like to fly to and then request a beautiful VOR-DME approach if there is one or another procedure you would like to fly as published may be. Their are many posibilities for you as a pilot. Looking forward to pilots requesting something diffrent then the simple ILS approach
  8. Hello Michael, Take a look at http://www.vacc-sag.org/?PAGE=airport_overview There you´ll find charts for Switzerland, Austria & Germany.
  9. It´s sad to see you go, Martin! You´ve been a great VATEUD1 and your support was much appreciated all the time. Thank you very much for everything you´ve done for VATSIM and all the best for the future. Hope to see you around soon. Sincerely, Michael
  10. Hey Jordan! If there is no active ATC around at Cardiff you should tune your COM1 Radio to the well known Unicom frequency 122.800 (text only frequency - you just write your intentions, e.g. EGFF Trf, BAW123 turning base for RWY 17). If there is ATC at Cardiff, tune to his frequency and request a clearance and fly All the best, Michael
  11. Hi Michael, http://www.metacraft.com/VRC/docs/doc.php?page=appendix_g "Color Definitions" is the part that you´re looking for.
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