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  1. Hello everybody I have been a VRC user for a long time. Recently I have been working in adjusting a color profile that feels comfortable to use. When doing so, I started to have a question When adjusting the colors directly from VRC, I see that there is no option to change the colors of the labels that are part of the sector file. However, if I switch between the different color profiles within VRC, I see that those labels change color, meaning that those colors are not set by the sector file itself. To make my question clearer, below there is a screenshot that indicates where in the
  2. The ATIS didn't appear on the controller list in VRC, so I can't tell you what frequency was displayed there.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, my bottom part of vATIS looks exactly like the screenshot you posted. When I had this problem I was connected to VATSIM and also the ATIS was connected.
  4. Hello everybody I have an issue when using vATIS. I follow all the steps according to the manual, like setting up the profile, the airport, the ATIS text, etc. Then I connect to VATSIM using my credentials, I set up the voice server (I use rw.liveatc.net, which I use when I control without any problem) and I set the correct frequency. When I connect the ATIS, the program says I am connected to VATSIM and the ATIS is connected. However, the ATIS doesn't appear for the pilots, and when I check ServInfo, the ATIS appears but with frequency 199.998 instead of 132.100 which is the frequency I s
  5. Hello I've installed my FS9 in Windows Vista Home Premiumin my notebook, initially it worked fine, with good performance. Last night when I wanted to run it to test my joystick, the simulator throwed me a problem, it says that the sim will close because there's no enough hard drive space, but I have more than 100 GB of free space! Here are the specs of my notebook HP Pavilion tx2532la Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit 3GB RAM DDR2 800 MHz 250 GB of HD (aprox 110 GB of free space) ATI Radeon 3200 HD AMD turion dual core mobile RM-70 2.00 GHz Before the problems, I ran defr
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