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  1. Do you have FSUIPC installed and is the throttle axis calibration active in there?
  2. VATEUD is currently accepting applications for a new members support manager position. This is a very specific and important position in VATEUD as it represents one of the first contact points between a new member and VATSIM staff in general. Because of this, the position requires a person with a very specific skill set that can cater to new members' needs. Some of the responsibilities include: Generating frequent new members' list and signup statistics Getting in touch with members who register but not connect to the network Ensure vACCs have information about new members Produ
  3. I am very pleased to announce that Mike Welten from Switzerland will be taking over the VATEUD ATC Training Director position following Kay's resignation. Mike is bringing plenty of experience with him, having worked a long time in Switzerland vACC in various ATC Training related positions. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]isting Mike will be another member of Switzerland ATC Training Team, Nicolas Amman. Together, they will be forming the new VATEUD ATC Training team to push us forward towards better things! Best of luck guys!
  4. Following the departure of current VATEUD Training Director for ATC, this position is vacant. At the heart of the divisional ATC Training Director role is the need to oversee the progression of candidates in a way that does not create unnecessary restrictions/delays whilst also maintaining good quality control. Duties: • Defining and enforcing minimum upgrade requirements/procedures (including theory tests) in line with the Global Rating Policy • Oversee the performance of the various vACC Training Departments across the division • Manage the Instructor and Examiner rosters for both
  5. Luke, the MAPS allows REGIONAL access to anyone using it - it's not something you'd want to distribute to 30-odd vACCs out there.
  6. It's been mentioned a few times that new CERT (and other global web services) are are being developed, and some of the deadlines mentioned are approaching. While it's obvious the deadlines only exist to be breached ( ), I'm hoping at least some of the plans have already been made about the structure and layout of those services. Now, instead of all of us (webmasters) waiting for the new global services to be released only THEN to start developing local (division-level or vacc-level) services that depend on global ones, wouldn't it be more productive to publish specification ahead of ti
  7. Maybe if you showed the relevant line, someone could help. I've looked at a "SECTOR:" line for 10 minutes before I realized I've mistyped it as "SCETOR:" and that's why it didn't work
  8. Tell that to the stutter and lack of motion smoothness you tend to notice below 50-60FPS
  9. Should be. They have a thermal protection at 105*C which will lower it's speed to maintain that temperature. You should make sure your PC case has adequate ventilation so the hot air that the card exhausts (if it doesn't exhaust in the rear) gets routed out of the case before it starts ramping up CPU or PSU temperatures.
  10. Actually, it happens because the graphics card 'renders' a new frame before the monitor has finished completely drawing the previous one. The framerate would have to be 60 or less and VSync has to be enabled, so that the G-card doesn't "send" the new frame before the monitor has finished drawing the previous one. Any framerate below 60 should NOT be teared if vSync is functioning properly.
  11. Before you try to make a screenshot of something that is caused by the monitor's hardware characteristics or take your PC to a repair shop for something that can be fixed in 18 seconds - try this: In FSX.cfg file, find this section: [DISPLAY] ForceFullScreenVSync=TRUE ForceVSync=TRUE
  12. The ATI Radeon 5570 may be part of the problem for two reasons - it's an ATi and it's a 55xx series Neither go in favor of good performance in FS. But, the actual problem you're describing sounds like a 'STUTTER' and it's usually a problem with CPU performance or HDD performance.
  13. Marco, It really depends - an FSX folder can grow very quickly once you start adding in big scenery addons such as FSGlobal or similar. You SHOULD be fine with a 120GB SSD if it's solely for FS and not a system drive as well...
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