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  1. Hi All, I have Sound/Communication settings set to Do Nothing - have had it like that for a very, very long time too without issues. Regardless of this, vPilot, and only vPilot, will cause other background applications to be dimmed down from time to time. Frequently, the background applications will also never return to their normal sound levels. Also noting, changing P3D sound settings whilst vPilot is running, as well as changing windows audio settings whilst vPilot is running, confuses the living daylight out of vPilot (RX/TX transmissions, as well as audio levels).
  2. So I guess vPilot's also not being maintained? Even though they pushed how many updates and new versions over the last few months? I think at least 4, or 5 if memory serves me correctly? I will rather fly on IVAO, than use Swift. It's been discussed time, and time again in the past. There's HUNDREDS of ways, in which you can get devs interested to develop software to be used on VATSIM. It's VATSIM that chooses to be restrictive, not the devs. I personally, tried numerous times in the past (just like many others), and quite frankly, I got tired of trying to just get basic information... Open your docomeentation and APIs up, see what happens... If you dare. Oh, and congrats on AFV - looking forward to it tonight when I get home from work.
  3. Swift, is bloatware - full of nonsense that is not needed. It's trying to do a little bit of everything, instead of doing one thing good. Say what you want. Sorry, but I've used Swift, I hated it, I will never use it - unless the entire GUI -drastically- changes. If VATSIM is for one second thinking to "force" swift down everyone's throat then I'm sorry. Bye bye VATSIM. My 2c. Use it, don't use it. Keep your flames for yourself, as I really don't care.
  4. Not wanting to be daft, but things like that has been checked, prior to making this post. If they don't want to modify the clients, or can't modify the clients, at this stage it would be even better (albeit more work) to just manually join TeamSpeak servers TBH. What I have noticed (and not only for me, but by monitoring HOURS and HOURS of Pilots and ATC streaming on Twitch), is that the audio is distorted by the UDP packets traversing over the Internet. When pilots and atc are close to each other, the audio is good (US to US, US to EU for example) for the most part. When the pilot and controller are far from each other (US to AU, US to ZA for example), the voice is terrible. When the same pilot that had good quality voice in the US goes and flies in AU for example, wham. Terrible voice. It's not coincidence. The simple fact of the matter is that this is due to the codec, and the way by which the audio is distributed over the Internet (Peer to Peer & UDP packets). It has nothing to do with mics, software settings, etc. Unfortunately, there is a VAST majority of people NOT located in the EU and US. I think if a quick survey is done, most of the more constant complaints about voice, will also come from people more orientated to these remote locations. I am not referring to isolated incidents (i.e. mic in my chin type of people), I am talking in general here. For me personally, I am sorry but my VATSIM experience will remain ATCless and I will disconnect from the network as soon as I encounter ATC. Until I see CONSTRUCTIVE WORK (and not empty promises) in terms of VATSIM improving it's voice, I will not participate with the current voice as it stands now. In 10+ years of me personally being on (and off) VATSIM there has been MORE than enough time to do something about it TBH. I have enough things to worry about, I don't need the irritation and aggravation of trying to figure out what someone is trying to tell me.
  5. Because I am in Africa? And I would have expected by local Region/Division to partake in this discussion, which clearly hasn't happened.
  6. If you read my original post, and following ones... 1) VATSIM's Board of Governors has ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED this. It's nothing new. The voice is a problem, finish. 2) I merely asked in the 12+ years that I've been lurking on and off VATSIM, what has changed in terms of Voice? The answer is clearly, nothing. 3) Given the fact that VATSIM's Board of Governors already in 2016 agreed to look at the voice issues... What has been done? Again, clearly, nothing. This isn't about my voice is good, oh but mine is bad. VATSIM took a DECISION in 2016 to overhaul the voice. What has happened, and what has been done, as so far as that decision is concerned? I am really, not the slightest, interested in a my headset is better than yours (and I choose headset, rather than some other words that would more than likely get me banned) conversation. The codec's used by VATSIM *IS* a problem, it *HAS* been acknowledged. What is being done about it?
  7. Ok. Well then sorry I asked. I shall refrain from the pleasures of ATC then.
  8. I mean, I've mentored students listening to their frequency, and have been talking to them in TeamSpeak too. There are many times I can't make out what they say on-frequency but can in TeamSpeak. Exactly. I also have absolutely zero problems with my headset (or the controllers with theirs) on IVAO for example. I hear them perfectly - 99% of the time. The problem isn't headsets, it's not internet connections. This is a VATSIM problem, and it's the audio codec that is being used, that is donkey years old. It's really as simple as that. EDIT: In 2016 the VATSIM Board of Governors ACKNOWLEDGED the poor audio quality, and it was being looked at. It's 2018. What has happened in two years? Nothing? Reference: https://community.vatsim.uk/topic/33529-why-is-the-audio-so-bad-in-2016/
  9. Hi Guys, I've seen posts asrecent as 2016 about this, I've been a member on VATSIM as far back as 2005... When can we expect VATSIM to actually do something about audio on the network I don't mean to be rude, and please don't take this as being rude either. The quality of the audio on VATSIM is a serious show stopper for me. It's unbearable to fly like this with ATC on-line. Whether I'm flying locally in ZA, the UK, the US, I can't hear, nor understand most controllers, most of the time. 100/100Mbps FTTH connection, absolutely no problems with my Internet connection, and absolutely NO problems on IVAO (which uses TS, I know). Problem with IVAO is the lack of ATC/Pilots. Now you come to VATSIM and you get the ATC/Pilots, but you can't understand them. You're stuck between a rock and a hard place in terms of on-line flying. We're not in the 1980ties anymore... Something needs to be done.
  10. Yes my mistake Ali I'm getting confused between all the options!!! I am busy to do SA365 from FAJS to FACT right now actually
  11. Thanks Ali, I've been to the site before, but must admit, I forgot about it Did apply, failed my test... LOL. Will try again in a couple of days... Cheers!
  12. Hiya Does any of the above VAs exist yet?? I couldn't find any on VATSIM or VATAME. What about starting one (or more) ? I'm more than happy to jump into the deep side here and start them myself, but I may need allot of help however, more in the lines of regulations / policy if anything... If anyone's interested, please drop me a note! Thanks,
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