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  1. The requirement for multiple major airports is going to be a complication. That being said, id recommend ZHU. I cant speak for the training staff but they have modest traffic and between IAH, HOU and MSY there will be enough to keep you awake. The only other two that meet the requirements are ZMA and ZTL but ATL can be considerably busy so there is that issue.
  2. Guess I should have clarified what I meant... IFEHI is 21 NM from PGY, so the crossing restriction is just a bit before that on the leg from KARRO to IFEHI. That point, however, isn't depicted on the chart by any radial from PGY. To make it easy on any pilot who gets confused over that, I usually just re-issue it as "cross IFEHI at and maintain..." and call it a day. However, I'm still curious as to how you'd put the original crossing restriction into an FMC. Guesstimate? I'd imagine IFEHI010/004 would cover it, keep in mind that fixes in parenthesis are not valid for ATC use (as per t
  3. One of the rarest callsigns I don't hear now a days is Archangel one. Yesterday someone asked about CELNAV and I got to share a story about the one guy who requested it. Where you been? Don't know how I missed this post, but I've been away from controlling due to personal obligations but I'm getting back on the mic!
  4. The aircraft the president is flying in becomes the #1 aircraft of that branch. Air Force 1, Navy 1 etc. Civilian aircraft would become Exec1. *At any time the secret service may elect to not use this or any call sign for security reasons*. For example Bill Clinton flew to Pakistan with 3 identical biz jets to avoid an attack, calling one of those A or Exec1 would have given away his position.
  5. The two rarest callsigns are now R1 and V1, V1 having only been used by a fixed wing aircraft during George Bush Jr's "Mission Accomplished" speech. I can't think of a circomestance when R1 would have been used except for Bush and Obama flying through Iraq and Afghanistan.
  6. Yeah but EWR controllers tell IFR aircraft to begin circling at the outer marker of 22/4 to runway 29. Just because it's done doesn't mean it's legal. [Needless tangent] What's the point of having an aircraft intercept the ILS two miles from the OM only to break off at the OM, if it's VMC just give them the visual[/Needless Tangent]
  7. Radar vectors, in my opinion are the most overused tool in the VATSIM book. Without much understanding nearly every controller arbitrarily routes airplanes via radar vectors to SUMFX failing to realize that other routes can be provided, by saying nothing it's up to the pilot to get to that place. Given that, the average controller---including TAs and ATMs understanding ends in Direct or intercepting the localizer. With very little fail if I fly slant alpha I will be cleared via radar vectors, given direct a fix and then admonished for not being able to fly what I file. This is yet another
  8. Well soon enough they will be, putting the US behind nearly every other civilized nation that distributes electronic charts for free or at production cost only.
  9. The issue is a lot of controllers don't know the SOP, or read it about as much as required until no one was looking and then let themselves go. The other issue is VATSIM events are opportunities for a great simulation but they're routinely blown because of a lack of skill or a lack of understanding. Using the SOP and choosing to do otherwise occasionally is fine. Constantly forgoing the procedure just because there's no need to is a bad idea and is part of the cause of the low-quality controlling that's prevalent in VATSIM. Running to the extremes isn't the point, I was flying into IAD a
  10. It's all how you look at it. 1) it could be an argument or 2) it could be an open discussion with opposing views. Personally I see more discussions than arguments. NEGATIVE, there cannot be conflict on the forums!!
  11. The actual exemption in real life doesn't read to exempt most military jets are excluded rather that it allows them to exceed 250kts for an express tactical purpose (formation join up, radar evasion, dogfighting, etc). Then the exclusion for safety of flight applies to military jets but most won't need to unless all hardpoints are loaded. And Daniel beats me to it.
  12. http://www.sia-aviation.gov.ma/eAIP/ENR/index.htm Generally typing the country name followed by "AIP" (aeronautical information publication) will yeild a decent result.
  13. Mere speculation but RTO may have kicked in because you weren't spooled up p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing through 80-90 knots.
  14. Forgive me for being naive but it's just one turn, I wouldn't file that under complicated their are plenty of toughies at SFO and nearby airports.
  15. The answer, as with most routing questions is, it depends. If you are in a jet this is unlikely as arriving aircraft to LAX will be overflying FLWs landing LAX generally that area is left clear of departures. If you are in a prop this route would work.
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