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  1. To those speculating, be aware that there are also a lot of automated scripts that wander the web wreaking havoc with sites that may have one or more security issues. I've dealt with this in the real world and you'd be amazed at what some of those scripts can do to some sites. It may not be a particular person with a grudge, but just a random attack by a script bot. Best of luck getting your site back up gentlemen.
  2. Larry, as to your response regarding controllers. When I was controlling (I haven't had much flying or controlling time lately and am extended LOA from ZAB), I really enjoyed Tower. I created no small amount of heartburn amongst my trainers because I really had no interest in Approach or above, and was beaten from S1 to S3 by an exasperated ATM after adding "Longest S1" to my signature. A number of times while working ABQ or TUS I had a brand new pilot connect and ask if I could work with them on their first flight. I really enjoyed getting them into a pattern and helping them with their
  3. That's well posted Larry. By incredibly busy, I'm referencing the situation where you have a solo center controller trying to handle an airspace like ZLA. Keith, funnily enough, some of your busy nights I've heard while p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing through ZLA were exactly what I had in mind when I posted that. If a new pilot can fly course, altitude, heading and ILS on demand, it's not a huge deal. I know, however, my first flights on the network (made in ZAB on a slow night) would have been disasters if I'd been trying to fly to LAX on a very busy evening with a solo center controller o
  4. You too! Welcome to VATSIM. The key is to be ready to learn. As long as you're making an effort to learn, and avoid incredibly busy airspace until you're comfortable, controllers will love having you around.
  5. This may have changed, but last I heard ZAB (PHX) is not simulating it either.
  6. You know, unless I had TGIF/Superbowl traffic coming into Phoenix, I never minded someone in the pattern at PHX. I sent them off to runway 26, and spun them around there repeatedly while most of the traffic came in on 25L. Heck, a few times I had them switch if I noticed a knot of airplanes coming in that were going to clog up the runway I had them on. What's fun about DFW is that you have 5 main runways. Count them, 5, one of which is well away from the others. As tower, I'd tend to put someone (or someones) wanting to do pattern work out on 35R and voila, I still have 4 runways left
  7. Luke - reminds me of a story I heard about the USSR and computers recently. They had these systems that were tracking cattle as they were being shipped around, and suddenly the programs started crashing every night at a particular time. When the techs would test the systems the following morning, the programming all ran perfectly. Turned out that they had begun shipping cattle in from the areas around Chernobyl, and the radioactivity in the train cars going past the building housing the machines was managing to flip bits in memory and crashing out the programming. Just popped into my he
  8. No data to back this up, but it may be an effect similar to the reason you let the external video settings handle the anti-aliasing. If the sim isn't freaked out about limiting (which we've found out can cause slower performance than leaving it to unlimited), but at the same time is limited in frame renders, it can focus more on rendering other things (like scenery and flight dynamics) than frames without having to expend the extra effort to limit frame rates itself. Again, no data whatsoever, but in my limited understanding I could see some plausibility to the statement. Would be wor
  9. Of course, if something is leaking memory, all that's going to do is delay the inevitable. I've flown 3 hours straight in FSX on Windows XP with only 2gb of RAM in the computer with no issues.
  10. Sent. They're also unofficially available at: http://www.execjetva.com/AFCAD.php , along with the other scenery updates I've done over the years.
  11. Hi there Matthew. I spent the weekend updating the FSX scenery for these three airports to update/add the various instrument procedures not represented (mostly RNAV), lengthen one of the runways at LNK to match current specs, and added the new runway at Grand Forks. I usually do this within ExecJet when I see that airports we fly to have not been updated. If the ARTCC is interested in the files, I'll be happy to make them available for use once I've finished testing the new procs in the sim.
  12. If the Direct-To is in your flightplan already, it's a trivial exercise to use the default FS GPS to accomplish that. Use the FPL button, click the center of the knob button, scroll down to the waypoint you're to fly direct to, click the Menu button, and then the ENT button on the GPS to confirm your selection. Voila - your next waypoint is the one that's being asked of you. You may have to manually fly a heading to it as FS wants to put you on the heading of the line from the waypoint just previous to the one you just selected. Otherwise, you can reload the flightplan with the new val
  13. If you have a guy that can build computers, why not just ask him to find cheap prices and recommend equipment. You'll want the highest end processor/board/video card you can get your grubby hands on.
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