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  1. Hello all, I have encountered an odd problem in my flights recently. None of the keystrokes that i have [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned in FS( do anything anymore. For Example, Shift+P does not push me back, and / does not bring up the spoilers. The odd thing is, that FS9 responds to the ALT key to bring up the topbar menu's, which allows me to open SB3 and fly online. Any ideas on how the get the rest of my keystrokes recognized in FS9? Thanks, Brett Susnitzky
  2. Hello to my European friends, I'm wondering if Latvija, specifcally Riga EVRA is staffed normally and when in Zulu Time. I have looked on servinfo late at night here in the Pacific Time zone but havent seen anybody online. I only ask becasue i am going on a student exchange to Latvija and would like to get a sneek peak of the country Thanks in advance, Brett Susnitzky
  3. Im sorry if I am mising something, but what does earning "frequent Flyer points" get you. I agree with Anthony and Ian, its not my sort of thing, but is a new idea so ill give it a shot.
  4. Even with all the back drama and stupid stuff going in in the background of TGIF, that was the single best event on VATUSA if not VATSIM for a long long time. When it turned into FNO i was dissapointed, and subsequently stopped going out of my way to get jammed into a line of 50 people flying the same route with me with controllers who arent prepared for it. The only event i ever go out of the way for is Calscream! and the old TGIF. I agree with others that Anchorage could have every airport stacked DEL-APP with multiple centers, ZLA and ZTL would still get the traffic, and i really wis
  5. For the first few days i saw a whole bunch of "redwood" Callsigns out there. Ill be flying it to Vegas this X-mas from SFO, cant beat a $44 fare!
  6. It was awesome! I flew out as Delta 1185 to PHOG, ground experience at LAX was amazing! Cant wait till next time, Brett Susnitzky DAL1185
  7. Thanks very much Paul and William, Ill be getting in contact with VATRUS soon. Myabe ill be controlling sort of near you someday soon. Brett Susnitzky
  8. Hi Brett, Although officially Almaty FIR is still listed under VATASIA, we have an agreement that training and service will be handled by VATRUS. You better check on the VATRUS website and contact the training staff of VATRUS. It is also better for you to transfer to Europe region and choose VATRUS as your home division. Regards, William Woo VATASIA1 VATASIA Region Director Thanks, i will look into that. Is it also the same for Astana and Aktobe FIR?
  9. Yeah the only tricky part is that is in both continents, Europe and Asia, which is why we will never qualify for the world cup, because we play UEFA. Id be interested in transferring full time to a Kazakh FIR (Almaty FIR), as i speak Russian and bits of Kazakh, wouldn't mind helping out over there. Any ideas on who i should contact would be great. Please, lets not get into Borat today.
  10. Hello, I am interested in controlling Eastern Kazakh airspace, such as around Oskemen or Ust Kamenogorsk regions. Would i train through VATASIA or is far east Kazakhstan service provided by VATRUS? Thanks, Brett Susnitzky
  11. 1. Call up SFO_APP for clearance because you know he covers Oakland Yes 2. Take off on unicom because you're not flying out of SFO Earlier, very likely 3. Check the SFO_APP controller info (atis) to see if there is any mention to what airports are served or a link to an airspace map yes 4. Call up SFO_APP on freq and ask if they are serving OAK yes 5. Private message SFO_APP and ask if they are serving OAK no SMF is a bit of a ways away to expect somebody to call SFO_APP to contact without any question.
  12. Used Gmail and got my email within 5 seconds, maybe the free emails are working better than the ISP ones.
  13. Well there is Paris Charles De Gaulle, thats the name of the big one, theres also Paris Orly for domestic. Think Charles De Gaulle also goes by Paris Roissy Intl Airport.
  14. First you will need to download a sector file, go the the website of the ARTCC/FIR you wish to observe and download and open it in VRC. As an observer you won't want to set a primary frequency, becuase then you would be visible in a pilot client which is no good. If its not busy and the controller doesn't mind, maybe ask him/her a few questions. Have fun!
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