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  1. @Diego Vasquez Co-pilot functionality ALL off. I have also re-installed the game three times.
  2. I have all these settings set as talked about (basically everything off) and still when I land, the sim changes my frequencies to the local airport... which obviously is a pain while on VATSIM... any other solutions?
  3. for what ever reason, it's working now... thanks
  4. I no longer have voice or text capabilities on any frequencies... I am running as an admin and was talking fine until this update. I WAS able to private chat with controllers.
  5. To anyone who can help me: I've read all the how to articles... several times, taken all the quizes and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed the test for VATUSA. I can look at everyone on SERVINFO, and even filed and viewed a flightplan. Thought I logged into a server, but no one responded. Where or how do I actually log into a "server?" Most every example I've read explaining the steps was for FS2002 (which I don't have). Please give me a step by step to log onto a "server" or copy and paste an article. With sincerest regards. Frustrated, Alan Dean 920704
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