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  1. Help me with a question about flight planning and cruise altitudes between Hong Kong and Singapore. Based on the following flight plan: PECAN V12 EPDOS L642 CN L644 MABLI N892 MABAL, controllers have told me that FL360 and FL390 are available for that westbound magnetic course. Am I correct in [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming that FL370 and FL380 are [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned to eastbound flights?
  2. With all this legal and political wrangling, has CPA Virtual shut down? The registration page on the site won't accept a new application. Nevermind. Found the Tiger Group.
  3. The AIP in Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority website doesn't have any high and low enroute charts. Does anyone have a source?
  4. Interesting. I can talk with other controllers around the world without a registered FSUIPC.
  5. Just flew to/from SBGR when all the Centers were staffed. The controllers didn't appear in Squawkbox's ATC list, but I could text with them using the Chat function. Do Brazilian controllers use a private channel for all ATC services?
  6. What's wrong with this site? http://www.aisweb.aer.mil.br/aisweb/ It's very slow to download, and the links to the pages (Cartas) don't work.
  7. Four files? I see only one! Extract them with what application? Problem solved. I couldn't see the four files inside the .rar file when using WinZip. I used 7-Zip File Manager. Everything's installed!
  8. Edmonton Center has the same problem.
  9. The link (vatmex.org/sat_charts.htm) posted in VATSIM's Chart Room takes me to a search page. Can you change the link?
  10. The site to VATMEX's chart room is confusing. Where are the approach and departure plates and airport diagrams located?
  11. Google Earth shows Cancun with parallel runways. When was the second runway finished? Any scenery available after 2008's addition of Terminal 3?
  12. Can you correct this situation on VATSIM?
  13. I'm flying the TBM 700. Thanks for the info on FSUIPC and SB3.
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