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  1. The 2020 Vancouver Island Poker Run starts at 10:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time (1730z) and runs until 3:00 PM (2200z). Within that time, land at as many of the five qualifying airports as you can and collect a poker hand. The top poker hands get bragging rights (and FS Economy prizes if you're part of that world). The five airports are CYYJ, CYCD, CYAZ, CYQQ, and CYBL. Fly IFR or VFR, it doesn't matter. Three of the fields are uncontrolled with an MF. There will be staff on the Flight Service Station frequencies at Nanaimo and Campbell River, and on the RCO frequency at Tofino. When you land at a qualifying airport between 1730z and 2200z and are clear of the maneuvering area, switch to the poker terminal frequency, advise your callsign and airfield, and request a card. Please be patient while the card is generated, recorded, and communicated to you before switching back to the appropriate frequency and starting your next flight. The top hands will be announced on the poker terminal frequency shortly after 2200z. For pilots that participate as part of FSEconomy, there are prizes available. A pilot guide to the event is available at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dyoYdfkoEWKV5B6cHCWQWv0H05DJ8OlRt4_7Z6NrTGc/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Solution for us is to not use international format at all. Visibility now reads without any unit of measure.
  3. The CZVR and CZWG FIRs are co-hosting the Vancouver to Winnipeg Snow Shuttle on February 1st. Vancouverites have had a taste of snow this winter. But we're taking them to Winnipeg to show them what winter's really like! Pilots are invited to fly Eastbound from Vancouver to Winnipeg during the event. CZWG controllers will be online for your arrival 3 hours later. Depart Vancouver at: Pacific Time: 3 PM Central Time: 5 PM Eastern Time: 6 PM UTC: 2300Z Vancouver ATC will be online from 2200-0000Z Feb 1,2020. Winnipeg ATC will be online from 0100-0300Z Feb 2,2020. Suggested routing for RNAV-capable aircraft is ADSIX KESTA YDC 5000N/11500W AXILI YDR J504 YBR and the BEFAN arrival. Don't file a SID departing Vancouver: ATC will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign you one when you call for clearance.
  4. When the METAR contains "6SM" (as in visibility of 6 statute miles), it's synthesized as '6 metres'. Is there a workaround?
  5. The Vancouver and Edmonton FIRs are co-hosting "Cross The Rockies" on Saturday January 18, 2020. Pacific Time: 2-5 PM Mountain Time: 3-6 PM Eastern Time: 5-8 PM 2200-0100Z Pilots are invited to fly either direction between Vancouver (CYVR) and Calgary (CYYC) during the event. Those wishing to fly the return leg are encourages to start a little early. Into Calgary, aircraft flying at or above FL180 should include MENBO Q983 IGVEP in their route. IFR at 18,000' or below, include MENBO T703 IGVEP. Use the VESGA (props) or IGVEP (jets) arrivals. IFR into Vancouver, jets and the DH8D include BOOTH and the CANUC arrival. Props (but not the Q400) route via BOOTH and the LIONN arrival. And of course, VFR flights are encouraged!
  6. Join us for the Vancouver Island Poker Run on August 10, 2019. The event starts at 4PM Pacific time (2300Z) and runs for four hours. In that time, land at as many of the six qualifying airports as you can and collect a poker hand. If you collect all six cards, the least valuable card will be discarded. The top three poker hands are eligible for bragging rights (and FS Economy prizes if you're part of that world). Fly IFR or VFR, it doesn't matter. Four of the fields are uncontrolled, but we will have staff manning the ATF at Port Alberni and the MFs at Qualicome Beach, Tofino, and Nanaimo. When you land at a qualifying airport between 2300 and 0300z and are clear of the maneuvering area, ask the staff manning the frequency for a card! Please be patient while the card is generated and relayed to you before starting your next flight. The top three hands will be announced on the frequency. More information at https://czvr.weebly.com/events
  7. The Vancouver FIR, VATCAN, and VATJPN are pleased to announce an event from Vancouver (CYVR) to Osaka (RJBB). Pilots from around the world are invited to cross the Pacific Ocean in recognition of the 14th G20 Summit, held 28-29 June 2019 at Intex Osaka. ATC will be online in Vancouver for a departure at 1600Z on June 29th, 2019. Up to date charts for Vancouver are available on http://www.fltplan.com (free membership required). Recommended departure routing: Use the Comox NDB (QQ) as your first enroute waypoint. Expect to be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned the Vancouver 1 departure. VATJPN will be online for your 0300Z arrival. Arrival charts and procedures are available here: https://czvr.weebly.com/uploads/1/1/5/4/115444919/notice_of_air_traffic_control_procedure_of_japan.pdf
  8. TAF CYOD 091130Z 0912/1012 30005KT P6SM FEW050 TEMPO 0912/0916 BKN050 FM091600 31006KT P6SM FEW012 BKN030 FM100200 01006KT P6SM FEW030 BECMG 1005/1007 VRB03KT RMK NXT FCST BY 091800Z= TAF AMD CYQQ 091519Z 0915/1012 30005KT P6SM BKN012 TEMPO 0915/0919 SCT015 FM091900 35005KT P6SM FEW030 FEW050 FM100000 VRB03KT P6SM SKC RMK NXT FCST BY 091800Z= Cold Lake may have a ceiling, but the forecast for Comox is for clearing skies.
  9. We're planning enough time to accommodate a fleet with DHC5s as flank speed.
  10. Nothing that I could find for CYOD. For CYQQ, you might try CYQQ.zip by Daniel Louvet at https://library.avsim.net/
  11. Edmonton and Vancouver are co-hosting an event that military buffs will appreciate. Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake (CYOD) to Canadian Forces Base Comox (CYQQ)! Flights will depart Cold Lake at 23:59Z on Saturday, March 9, 2019. ATC will remain online at Comox until all aircraft are recovered.
  12. The X-Plane scenery for Kelowna at http://canada4xplane.weebly.com/british-columbia.html is pretty good.
  13. Monday is Family Day in much of Canada. Controllers will be online early Monday morning for a Family Fly-in at Victoria from 6-8 AM local (1400-1600z). Join us at CYYJ for a quick trip around the circuit, or fly out with one of the commuter flights.
  14. Departure airport: CYYZ Arrival airport: CYVR Departure time: 6:00pm EST 2300z Arrival time: 8:00pm PST 0400z Date: Saturday 24th of November
  15. The Georgia Strait Poker Run will go again this fall! Connect online at any of the five airports: CYXX - Abbotsford CZBB - Boundary Bay CYNJ - Langley CYPK - Pitt Meadows CYVR - Vancouver At 1800z or later, call Poker Terminal on 133.10 to get your first card. Switch to regular ATC and fly to your next airport. After you're parked and finished with regular ATC, switch back to 133.10 for you next card. Repeat until you've collected one card at each of the five airports. No more cards will be handed out after 2100z. Fly the legs in any order you wish. Best poker hand gets bragging rights! At the June event, we went through more than one deck. 914194 landed at CZBB at 1758Z with the second King of diamonds drawn during the event. He had three Kings. Second place was a pair of 6s, so 914194 would have won even if late to land.
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