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  1. The thing that is beginning to worry me, is that this forum area is now becoming a "web design" area. With people now taking requests to edit each others photos. I thought the purpose of this forum was to show your best pictures that YOU took. Now I see numerous designers doing the same pictures over and over again trying to out compete one another. Don't know if anyone agrees with me, but it seems to be back tracking a bit. Scott (edited, typing errors :S)
  2. www.vatsim.net/prc for details. Can you please not write in capitals. Scott
  3. Joe, Perhaps you missed the initial rules where this was also a requirement. I think what he means is the total file size of all the files. For example setting a 800kb limit for all images. For example if you have 5 images, if you add the file sizes of those images they must add up to a maximum of 800kb. I may be wrong, but thats what I thought he meant. I think that suggestion would cause too many problems anyway, I agree that we should set a limit and stick to the limit. Scott
  4. LOL Though most are hard to find, there are a few free hosting providers that don't put any ads, pop-ups, or spyware on your site, and offer a lot of the features of paid hosting, like AwardSpace.com. Cover the address with a .co.nr domain, and you're set. .co.nr are still free domains and everyone knows they are so they aren't covering it up. You can get domains for as cheap as $3.99 a year, so if you can't afford that then don't go for it. As Eddie said.
  5. haha that is my fav so far! My advice, Image is everything, if you don't have the image you wont get the pilots. Scott
  6. Hi Andrew, You should use either FSnavigation (www.fsnavigator.com) or try www.vroute.info Scott
  7. Ok... this is wierd... I used my ISP email, and I got nothing (had to wait for ages) I used my hotmail account, and i got it in less than a second!
  8. I don't mean to cause any problems... but I've been waiting for more than 4hours for an email :S Scott
  9. Hmm... I'm having problems... Says it's sent out an email to me (which I haven't recieved) and the program doesn't want to load any pages anymore :S Scott
  10. Don't rush out and get them all, you should ask your instructor at the time what you require for the lessons. My flying club don't use 1:500,000 charts (for example)
  11. Why post in every single section? This is just spamming, you done it on the VAT-UK site as well. Scott
  12. Lol, no problem. For us Prestwick Pilots we have a problem... We can buy the Scottish charts, which borders Prestwick, or we can buy the English charts that don't cover northern scotland! You can never win in aviation Unless you buy 1:250 000 lol
  13. What about Scotland and Northern Ireland I have some charts kicking about somewhere from my lovely trips down south in the Piper I will have a look
  14. Hi David, VATSIM is just one area, there is no UK, USA, Militatry, civi areas... There are however 12 world wide servers, but they are ALL connected to the one area. So you can connect to any server and you will be in VATSIM. Scott
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