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  1. Open it up, give your friend your IP address. He can then open flightsim, goto MultiPlayer session, type in the IP, click search, then pick the session name from the menu and either click "OK" or "Join", I can't quite remember which. Hope this helps! James
  2. I had similar problems with Vista (after it was working fine for a while) and none of the solutions worked, so I just found the vRoute.exe and link straight to that now James
  3. Indeed, or there could be a way to fill in all the information (except the export bit), then click the ">>" button, at which point the export box appears, with it's own seperate button so you can select and download it as a seperate function? Just an idea, and one that's probably not worth doing! Anyway, back to chemistry revision! James
  4. Yeah, your right, that would help a) I didn't think of that! b) Just wondered if it would make it easier etc. etc. being the perfectionist that I am! (btw. 0.2$ is 20 cents, think you mean 0.02$ ;)) James
  5. Hello! Firstly, I would just like to say that vRoute is a fantastic program, and I hate to nitpick over it, however, I do have one minor gripe: When you search for a route, select it, and go to "Export" and type in the relavent information, (including checking "I will fly online with VATSIM...") and click the ">>" to export it to a Flight Progress Card for example, then go back into vRoute and select for instance "FsNavigator", and click the ">>" again, then although it does work, you get an error at the bottom stating: "Reponse from VATBOOK server: Sorry, but a flight with
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