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  1. Thank you, that is exactly what i wanted, i have managed to get it to work, just needed clarification of some of the fields, ie the times and feeder fixes
  2. I would like some help understand these if possible I would like a little help with an explanation of some of your fields in the CFG file. [MAESTRO SECTORS] EGLL:LAM:LOGAN i believe these are as follows EGLL - Airport LAM - the FIX that everything goes to, and then LOGAN feeds LAM next section a little confused [MAESTRO FF RWY RULES] LAM:A:27L LAM:L:27R LAM:A:09L LAM:L:09R I am [Mod - Happy Thoughts]uming this is something like LAM is the FIX, 27L / R etc are the runways, but no idea what the A or L stands for [MAESTRO FF DISTANCES
  3. not so much a scope setup but a look at the ground during a worldflight turn around, and yes there was a taxiway but everybody seem to want to take the gr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]
  4. depends how many pilots the controller is dealing with, the last thing he needs is a pilot who has no idea who to call, for example EURI- logged on for 22 mins so you think you have it sorted and then all of a sudden he is logged off so back to square one, damn just missed my TOD, damn who do i call, damn missed my airport, oh well may as well call tower, thats easy
  5. start another ASR and then press F7 that way you can have filters on but can switch between APP and upperairspace as required
  6. Nope but you can use the vatsim stats page for your session, give roughly the same info
  7. hasnt posted for a while but covers 4 screens
  8. [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned departure order this is already in there, just amend your list to show and then you can sequence away. as for LU, just select DEPA when they are next to line up, this will start the SEQ. or just put it in the scratch pad
  9. John This is an easy one, just edit the ese file so it says VECT for vectors that way no matter what runway you dont need any sid
  10. I have found this tends to be the voice server i connect to rather than pilot client, but there are so many different Headset / microphones, I think this would be hard to find a common problem
  11. What we are saying Danial is EUR* covers multiple FIR's - Agreed therefore giving a direct from EUR* boundary to the other end when in fact they may cover 3 or 4 FIRS or even more and those FIR may appear is incorrect,, I dont have a problem with giving directs this moves traffic agreed, but give from one FIR boundary to the other side and if necessary from there boundary to the other side that way at least you are working those upper FIR's as if they were there as everybody keeps telling us you are there to cover if they are not there so control there airspace and there traffic, and if
  12. Mac Microphone, this will pick up too much background so as Wycliffe suggest a USB as the ATC voice then can come straight out into the headphones. But as you have said you have been listening to ATC, remember most of the stuff ATC say is just the opposite to what you have asked for with a couple of extras, just keep a pen and paper handy, if necessary write down what has been said and you should be able to work out what will be expected from you.
  13. Laurence, the fact that you have posted on the UK part would [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you belong to the UK or wish to fly in the UK, so I suggest a quick visit to the VATUK site http://www.vatsim-uk.org/news.php and a forum post that you will find invaluable is "The How to Guide" http://community.vatsim-uk.org/index.php?showtopic=20687
  14. Aircraft type / category combined is the tag but this may be becasue you dont have any aircraft DATA loaded, check your message log to see if there are any error messages for aircraft data, if they are then reload it, OPEN Sct Load ICAO Aircraft Data browse to your user folder under euroscope and Datafiles ICAO_Aircraft.txt
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