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  1. Its obviously a banking issue, Gary obviously hasn't been put on the account and can't pay the bill..lol
  2. Who is being inflexible and unrealistic here? The controller for following the policy of the ARTCC or you stomping your feet saying I will just pack my plane up and stay home if they won't let me fly the way I want to? It has been explained to you how flight plans are constantly changed in the real world, sometimes to accommodate the pilot, sometimes to accommodate traffic flow, weather, the controller, whatever, but the fact remains it is the controllers airspace. If you want to fly where you like go VFR and stay out of controlled airspace. It’s a shame that a controller gets beaten up
  3. The problem is, you are missing the point. You are so determined that what you see on flightaware is the gospel of flight routing. It is not, what people have tried to explain to you, but you have ignored, is that those routes are hardly ever flown in the real world. I have to wonder if you fly in the real world at all, and if you do, do you tell the controller on receiving an amendment that you are correct, not them, because you saw it on flightaware? Followed by informing the controller that you will be contacting the FAA with your complaint about their non-compliance with real world fli
  4. Ok, I know this has been said before, but Stephen seems to want to ignore it. Flying in the real world is all about reroutes. What you file is very seldom what you get, in fact if you do ever get an "AS Filed" you better break out the champagne. Most controllers get a chuckle out of my response to their question, “ Can you accept the preferred route,“ and I reply, “you are the controller, you tell me where I am going.“ Rerouting is a part of life, and the fact that we actually do check your routes and issue clearances is a testament to how real it actually is on VATSIM. A controlle
  5. That was my favorite place to fly when I lived in Alaksa. Nothing like a quick trip out of Birchwood up to the Glacier, on a good VFR day over the top to Alyeska and up the arm back to BCV...
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