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  1. there are some big differences, such as memory management. I'm going to look at it closer later. Any other input would be great.
  2. I'm looking at writing some plugins for ES, but, I'm working in C#, not the C++. I know the two are somewhat similar, the question is, are they close enough that a C# DLL work with ES?
  3. I'm working on a project for ZFW here and I need to know if EUROScope can be launched from a command line loading a preset profile? Thanks.
  4. No problems, I don't expect it to be easy. I'm not asking of the difficulty, i'm asking the reality. the default 747 took off in way to little runway. Is this accurate, or is it laughable. I would love to have Xplane if it's realistic, but I'm not shelling out 39 extra bux if it's not heads over heels better than MSFS2004. Michael J. Lockwood
  5. sounds close to mine. though I can quit Sqkbox and come back and it fixes it for a few, but then it messes up again. everyonce in a while, FS9 reminds it self that it hasn't refreshed the bottom part and then fixes itself, only to freeze again Michael J. Lockwood 922991
  6. Good morning. I was doing my flight this morning and when I launched sqk box, it would only refresh the screen down to where the sqkbox screns were say I put both the sqk box and transponder screens at the middle of the screen, only the top part will move, below that line is like a screen capture shot and doesn't budge. Any ideas? Michael J. Lockwood 922991
  7. Good morning Andrew, Welcome to VATSIM. It sounds as though you've conquered the toughest part, learning to fly, and the rest is easy. next thing you need to do is pick a program to connect to Vatsim with. you have 2 choices sqkbox (www.squawkbox.ca) or FSINN (www.mcdu.com) both programs have their pro's and con's I'll let you make the decision on which one you like the best. Download one of those and install it, they are both self explanitory and the connection isn't that tough either, both, once you get them setup, will get you online in 5 clicks or less pick an a
  8. ok, didn't know I could install new aircraft with the demo. I'll give it a try and see about it
  9. Thanks for the reply Chris. my concern is buying it. You don't know the contortions and promises I had to make to get FS2004 I can't afford to buy something, then turn around and not like it. So I get VERY careful about what I DO buy. the main problem I have with the default 747 is, like I said, I doesn't handle like I would expect the 747 to handle. In XPlane it get airborne in less than half the runway and when you get it up, it yaws wildly at the slightest twitch of my throttle. Michael J. Lockwood 922991
  10. Ok, I don't own X-Plane, I have the Demo installed so I can use Xtower when it comes out. But I have been messing with the demo and I just have one concern. The default 747 seems way to "sporty" Entirely to responsive. Is that the more realistic simulation of a B747 or is the FS of a much heavier controlling aircraft more realistic? Michael J. Lockwood 922991
  11. Thanks! I'll take a look. I did some tweaking, updating drivers and what now and I got a steady 10FPS which is pretty smooth. It's not the 20 I hear about from others, but i'm very pleased with what I got Thanks! Michael J. Lockwood
  12. Thanks for the recommendation Lennart. Unfortunately, I don't think i'm going to swing another 512 this year I'll do what I can, and see where it goes from there Again, many thanks to everybody's advice Michael J. Lockwood
  13. I GOT IT!!!!! thanks for all the help, it took a complete wipe and reinstall to get it in, but its in, thank god. I think my hard drive was starting to go on me, it wouldn't take a reinstall, so I had to reinstall on an older Hard drive with about half the space... Oh well, now I get to figure out why I have a very sad frame rate. to everybody who helped, thank you very very much
  14. I looked at the event viewer and from what I can deduce it's atapi causing the problems, says a device has failed to respond within the timeout period. So now I'm troubleshooting that. System restore didn't fixit. I'm going to try to defrag the hell out of this thing, see if that helps any. If I can find my windows OEM, i'm going to run sfc /scannow of course any ideas are welcome
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