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  1. Greetings, Aria Airways has just celebrated its one year anniversary! We've expanded to the U.S. and opened SFO as our primary west coast hub. Nine aircraft will service domestic and international destinations. Come check us out and feel free to drop a line with any questions. Aria U.S. SFO Aircraft: 737-700 (6), 787-8 (2), 787-9 (1) Domestic Destinations: Dallas Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami New York Portland Reno San Diego Seattle International Destinations: London Heathrow Mexico City Vancouver http://www.ariaairways.org - Aria Airways
  2. Greetings, Aria Airways, a new boutique airline based in New Zealand, is proud to announce it's grand opening. Operations have begun, all systems have been launched, and pilot applications are most welcomed. Aria operates out of Auckland International Airport (NZAA) to Australia, Asia, Latin American, North America, and more. Our fleet consists of the Dash 8 Q400, Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 777-200, 777-300, and 747-800. We're proud to offer our pilot group a uniquely customized website. Some of our features we're most proud of: 100% custom tailored crew portal Interna
  3. We're proud to announce that our schedule service has expanded to the East Coast. Utilizing the 737-700, commuters can travel in style while cutting the security lines at world-cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] fbo's: http://www.virtualvams.org/new-shuttle Happy Flying, Ethan [email protected]
  4. Hello fellow VA pilots, For all you BBJ fans, come check out our updated website. We've got a larger fleet covering the US and Europe. Pilots are homebased and can add custom routes to our existing 20,000 + route database. http://www.virtualvams.org Let me know if you have any questions: [email protected] -Ethan
  5. Congrats on the launch, the VA looks great. Best of luck, Ethan
  6. Hello All, VAMS is proud to announce the addition of a 737-900 BBJ3 to the fleet. Check us out at http://www.virtualvams.org. Happy Flying! -Ethan
  7. Brian, Yes. I just added the Citation II (http://www.virtualvams.org/#!portfolio/c1qnp). The main base is KVNY - so if your planning on flying online you can almost always count on LA center to be up and running. You pick the routes! This is where it gets fun. The main objective is to simulate a managed aircraft scenario. Through VAFS we can track all the expenses and mx requirements, so the concept focuses on the details in addition to the flying. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Ethan
  8. Hi Darrol, It's a possibility. It really depends on the utilization. We have an E55 which is somewhat (performance wise) similar, I'd encourage you to apply and try out the 55! -Ethan
  9. Hello All, If you're interested in the business side of corporate aviation, please take a look at Virtual Aero Management Services: http://www.virtualvams.org. The goal is to simulate a corporate flying environment. Each member acts as a lead pilot, virtually maintaining, tracking, and conducting all flights and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated administrative duties. If you are looking for more than just flying, come check us out. Current Fleet: E55, C550, L-1011, A320. Ethan Gura http://www.virtualvams.org
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