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  1. What's an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant vice president?
  2. Way to go, Justin!! Thanks for saving the night.
  3. Not exactly sure what you are speaking to here. Can you email me specifics if you are not comfortable talking about it here? RJ
  4. Hello All - If there is anyone in the London area that would be interested in attending the 2017 VATSIM Connexion and for what ever reason has not purchased a ticket to attend, the founders have 2 tickets available on a a first come first serve basis. You need to be sure you can attend. If interested, please PM me asap.
  5. This one is on me. I sent out a bunch of NDA's the first week of February and missed your name on the list. You will receive your NDA this weekend and will be able to sign it online and return it. This is not going to look good on my annual review!!
  6. Thank you, Thimo. Just a point of clarification - Am I correct in understanding you only have 40 seconds to answer each question? If I recall correctly (it has been since January), there were 15 questions and 10 minutes, so that equals an average of 40 seconds for each question. It's a useful test to get good people started with delivery sooner (and reducing the list of people needing a mentor a little). EDIT: If I'm correct: 15 questions, 10 minutes, 12 or more correct to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]. Thank you for the clarification.
  7. Thank you, Thimo. Just a point of clarification - Am I correct in understanding you only have 40 seconds to answer each question?
  8. Thimo - Have they discussed what the delay is? I'm looking in the database and the Netherlands have 12 promotions so far this year, with 346 active on the roster. These promotions are all for S1. Is there any discussion happening on how to mitigate these delays? Do you have any idea on how many mentoring sessions it takes for a dedicated student to progress enough to earn the S1 rating?
  9. Yes! Brief them on the changes and a quick checkride. Mind you - the checkride should be an informal mentoring session and not some sort of over the top question and answer marathon with a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts] or fail.
  10. That's nuts! I understand the need for standards, but this goes beyond any reasonable amount of time. Just to get to S1 is going to take a year or more. I'm sorry, Thimo, you're not participating in VATSIM, you are watching VATSIM. We need to do something about this.
  11. I haven't read all the comments but I am sure they are very eloquent and well thought out. One way or another OS is coming to VATSIM. The founders will have to accept it and many already do! Over the last 3 or 4 years the cost of running VATSIM has decreased dramatically. Costs are down and bandwidth is up! The protections that were put in place to protect certain aspects of running the network are no longer needed. I see OS happening as soon as we can develop a hardened server that can deal with differing clients. Who is going to do that? Got me! RJ
  12. Let the vSTARS shine Ross Carlson and VATSIM are proud to present VATSIM’s newest air traffic control radar client: vSTARS. vSTARS is a high-fidelity simulation of a real-world approach control radar system used in many ATC facilities. The vSTARS client has many of the features of its real world equivalent, such as: * Full-screen mode for enhanced realism. * On-screen simulation of hardware knobs and switches. * RDVS (Rapid Deployment Voice Switch) simulation. * CRDA (Converging Runway Display Aid) simulation, to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with sequencing arrivals into convergi
  13. The developer, Logan, is most likely not willing to release the source. Ok..fair enough. We asked...
  14. Any chance Brandon might want to turn it into a community project? We have already started vasFMC. We could certainly add this in. RJ
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