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  1. A bit of action by the beach. Lining up for runway 10. And we're airborne. Gear up. An overview of the airport as we make a right turn out. Overflying the beach as we make our way in.
  2. So here's a real-world situation that I heard on LiveATC a few months back. A Delta flight was taking off from runway 4L at JFK, which requires a right turn to heading 100 shortly after take-off. The Delta flight was airborne and starting the turn to 100 when another plane that was landing on 4R was going around and about to make a right turn. During Delta's turn, the controller instructed them to turn right heading 070. The pilots asked for clarification that they wanted them to turn RIGHT to heading 070 (presumably already past 070 at this point). The controller restated the instruction of t
  3. Yeah, I was. When I reconnected, I saw a message from a supervisor. Given how long ago it was, I don't remember exactly what was said in the message. Yeah, that's what I thought. Notifications were on, but if I've got both hands occupied trying to hand-fly the plane, it's going to be a little difficult to look over to my left screen, see the message, move the mouse off to the left screen, click on the message, read the message, move the mouse back to the center screen, click on the flight simulator window, change the frequency, and still be able to fly the plane in a controlled manner.
  4. If whatever you're using for ATC is being run as administrator, OBS must be run as administrator.
  5. I did, however, get disconnected some time last year because the GROUND controller had instructed me to go around as I was on final and I never saw it until long after I had parked at the gate. Not only was he not online when I turned on final, there was no ATIS available when I turned on final, so I picked a runway and proceeded to land on it. Apparently not the runway they wanted me to land on. When I re-connected and was preparing for another flight, I was then asked to contact the ground controller, and only then was I made aware that that wasn't the runway I was supposed to land on. But h
  6. I've personally never had any issues with doing so, and I've flown a lot of places from London to Amsterdam to Prague and even Vienna.
  7. So he didn't notice that he got to his cruise altitude that much quicker?
  8. ATC: "JetBlue 78, contact New York Center 125.32. Moca hagoti." JetBlue: "All right, going over to New York Center." Me: "We're in New York, not Boston, just saying." ATC: "Boston John left, so now I take the status." Me: "Oh, bloody hell...."
  9. And so it continues after a long day: ATC: "Radar contact, say altitude." Me: "Altitude is 3,000." ATC: "Say altitude." Me: "3,500 now." ATC: "No, you were supposed to actually say altitude. Anyway, radar contact."
  10. I can do you one even better and post the recording if you really want me to do that.
  11. Did you inadvertently hit the E key and make engine 1 the only active engine? Maybe try hitting E, then quickly hitting 1 and 2 to get both to work again.
  12. ATC: "Radar contact, say altitude." Me: "Altitude." ATC: "Okay....altitude back to you....climb and maintain 7,000." Me: "Climb and maintain 7,000." ATC: "I was waiting for the day when that actually happened. Congratulations. You won." Me: "Thank you."
  13. The controller also may not have known that the pilot was already planning an approach to 25 right rather than 25 left. With the two runways being parallel, he probably [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed the pilot was going to shoot for 25 left since 25 left is normally used for landing at this airport. If, say, for instance, he was landing on 25 right, and when the controller came on, 19s were active, I would think looking at the radar, it would be pretty clear that the pilot was aiming for the 25s, at which point the controller would likely ask what was going on (again, referring back to my example
  14. Did you ever consider the possibility that the controller had no idea you had the intent to shoot for 25 right? Given the close proximity of the runways, it's possible he didn't think much of it and automatically [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umed you were heading in for 25 left, not being aware you had already decided to go for 25 right. Bradley asked in an earlier post if you had informed the controller that you were already shooting for 25 right. I had a somewhat similar situation, similar, but not quite, because I had planned on flying to 4 left at JFK, and as I was turning towards that runway
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