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  1. Thank you Kev, I wondered About that, the instructions are not that clear.
  2. XSquawkBox 2.0 starts up and connects to X-Plane 11.41 okay showing voice connected and text is available. When Audio for Vatsim V1.8.1 is connected it continually connects and releases the Voice Server every 20 seconds. This is the log entry - "2020-04-09 10:14:37.4961 GeoVR.Connection.ClientConnection Lost connection to Voice Server 2020-04-09 10:14:57.1611 GeoVR.Connection.ClientConnection Lost connection to Voice Server" Any help, please?
  3. Must have been an Internet problem all was well the next day.
  4. When I click on connect I get the message " The Server could not be found in the server list" . Changing the Server has no effect, the message is the same. I use vroute.info premium and that works but I get "Error fetching data from server: 500. The table "response times" is full. Anyone help, please?
  5. Problem solved. I had just changed from Wireless connection to the Hub to Power adapters and the change of IP address confused X-plane.
  6. The local weather and its surface winds have vanished from my setup. X-Plane 10, A320-NEO, XsquawkBox, FlightSim Commander 9. Anyone else have the same problem?
  7. When trying to transmit to a controller only noise is produced. Reconnecting XSquawkbox has no effect, only reloading X-plane clears the problem. My set up is X-plane 10.22 64bit, X-hanger Gulfstream 650 with plug-ins, Airport-Navigator, AutoGate, DiscreetFPS, EZPushback, SlewMode and XPUIPC, all 64bit. I know XSquawkbox 64bit is BETA and I hope this report is of help.
  8. Thank you Keith for the quick reply.
  9. Sorry my spelling is hopeless! That should read "XSquawkbox"
  10. Can any one tell me how to communicate privately on Xskawkbox, please?
  11. Can anyone tell me how to connect privately on XSquawkbox, please?
  12. Joaquin. Thanks for your comments and the correction about Controlled Airspace, perhaps I should have called it the area around EGSS that is normally controlled. It would seem that some of the pilots do not have the software to enable them to see other traffic in their vicinity. Regards.
  13. I would like to make a general comment about the lack of discipline that I have experienced lately. The other day I was taking off from EGSS when I was confronted by another aircraft in my flight path in EGSS airspace. The pilot was not communicating on Unicom and when challenged said he was not in controlled airspace, which he clearly was. Another pilot noted my comments and said "did it matter if he was or was not in controlled airspace" ! Other problems due to the lack of communication have been noted on a daily basis. It appears that the more members we get joining VATSIM the less discipli
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