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  1. Hi Gergely, Thanks. And have you also monitored the final approach speeds apart from the variation? I am able to reproduce that, for example, an A319 always flies a speed of 106 from approx 4 miles final to touchdown (ground speed!). This is way too slow. Normal speeds would probably be around 130-140. Same behaviour for an E145 and other medium sized traffic. I don't believe the internal variation is responsible for such a big gap between the actual and realistic speed. Also, I have a feature request. I would like to be able to cross a waypoint at a specific altitude. For example, whe
  2. Hi Gergely, So can we [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume this will be changed in the next update? Mark Jansen Events Coordinator Dutch VACC
  3. I don't want to loose the opportunity to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a heading in the tag, I want to get rid of inadvertant overrides of HDG or direct waypoints as caused by the new function where a heading is drawn from a mouse drag. Mark Jansen
  4. Hi everyone, New in v3.2 is a functionality of the HDG part of the tag, which sets the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned heading in the direction of the line that is drawn by the mouse. Although convenient for blipdrivers in the simulator, I found this feature cause unintended behaviour when controlling on the normal network. It's rather easy to unintentionally click and drag from the AHDG-part of the tag, for example when opening, closing or moving a tag. Too easily, this unintentional heading then overrides the direct routing or previous heading that was previously displayed. Personall
  5. Hi Eric, It's unclear to me what your role is (are you a beta tester or part of the project team?) but what you're saying above is a little too easy. As if the ribbon is handy at all. You'll need 3 clicks too many to get where you wanna be and even then there are situations where you don't have the overview. What if you're running an APP scenario only and want to get aircraft airborne? They'll pop up in squawk standby mode on the ground so you can't even see their callsign looking at the radar. How would I even be able to give them a take off command without the overview of the dialog
  6. Allight, I see that the speed can also be controlled by the ribbon but that's only part of the question. What about the wrong speeds on final? And what about the behaviour of the speed mode in the legacy dialog box? Mark Jansen
  7. Hi everyone, First of all, thanks for the update! I'm presently testing the simulator. It appears there is an issue with the speed mode in the simulator. First of all: I'm not sure how to set the speed mode (=, <=, => or free) using the tag or the ribbon. Obviously I can change the speed itself, but not the mode. It can be done using the legacy simulator training dialog but it actually does not remember the mode that is selected. For example, if I set the speed to 180 using the legacy dialog box and select = as the speed mode, the mode often directly reverts to another mode. Plea
  8. After some further testing we found out that the simulator pilot should be logged in using an ATC-callsign, ending on _CTR or _APP for example. It doesn't work if you're logged in as an observer or without a specific suffix (i.e. ACCNL1). Would it be worthwhile mentioning this in the wiki? Mark
  9. Guys, In the built-in simulator I would like to transfer control of flights to another pilot. This is what the WIKI says: I can see other pilots marked with a * indeed, but I can't find where to make a right click. I tried different parts of the tag as well as the flightstrip but I can't see the popup list. Where shall I click? Thanks for your reply, Mark Jansen
  10. That did the trick. Thanks for your promt reply. Mark
  11. Has anyone experienced problems with aircraft not popping up anymore after installing the 3.1d patch? There seem to be a 1-minute delay after connecting to the normal network before traffic and ATC pops up. In the simulator environment, simulated traffic does not appear at all. Any ideas? Mark Jansen UPDATE 1511 UTC: a fellow controller reported the same problem after installing the 3.1d patch. Something must be wrong.
  12. This setting is already on, this is not the problem. The thing is that if you want to close a tag, you normally double-click on a part of the tag that doesn't have any additional function. This used to work as well when double-clicking the callsign - but not anymore in v3.1a. I don't think it has anything to do with the mentioned settings. Mark
  13. In v3.0a, double-clicking the callsign in the detailed tag, caused the tag to close down. In v3.1a this doesn't work anymore. Was this changed on purpose or is it a bug? I find it annoying having to move the cursor to another position after releasing a tag manually. Thanks for looking into it! Mark Jansen / Dutch VACC
  14. Anyone, please? I'd just like to know whether this is a bug that will be fixed in the next version or it is a feature that will not be changed. In the latter case, the built-in simulator has to be considered useless for approach/radar vectoring exercises, at least as fas as the Dutch VACC is concerned. Please let us know. Gergely, how do you see this?
  15. According to my interpretation the wiki says that if the DELAY line is omitted, it works with a standard random delay of 12 to 17 seconds. As Danny (previous post) wrote, we tested with different settings but no setting seemed to alter the default values. And besides, you're not answering the question. The real point is that it's not logical to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume a 12-17 second delay for all phases of flight. To make the simulator usable for approach excersices, the delay definately has to be reduced. The DELAY command line caters for this, right? Tell me where I'm wrong. I don't mi
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