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  1. Wow I might have talked to him the lat time I flew to New Zeland, what a terrible loss.
  2. Stick with FS9 until you can get a serious machine as FSX is very demanding. I fly FS9 on a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a 1.8 gig processor and mine runs pretty well.
  3. I love VATSIM!, I get nervous as hell as I'm so afraid of screwing up as I am not instrument rated, but it never stops me from trying. I find the controllers sometimes annoyed are pretty forgiving.
  4. I am in the same boat as I have decided desk tops are better for flightsim as FSX is so demanding I don't know of any lap top for under $5000 that can run FSX well, this sim brings even the fastest systems to their knees. I would go desk top for bang for the buck as gaming laptops are expensive.
  5. I have entertained flying on VATSIM for ever 2 years, I finally did it and I'm glad I did, the controllers I have dealt with are pretty forgiving and will politely correct you and it over all is a great environment to fly in, it is the closest thing to real flying you can do on a computer.
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