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  1. the canscope guys do a great job with their euroscope package. I'm not sure what they're using, but information on the program and how to set it up would benefit all the sector/ese file developers and the end users.
  2. Taxiways are identified in the airport file, as you suspected. However, the order of the waypoints in the taxiway also define the order the aircraft will follow to taxi. The coordinates must be in order for the aircraft to taxi correctly. Reference: http://www.metacraft.com/TWRTrainer/#docs
  3. related question - is there a way you can have an aircraft take off and fly a pattern, or do you have to control headings and alts individually?
  4. The issue does exist with VRC as well, but the setting of the vis points to the west of the line doesn't help. We can open a separate sector file and see only what's west of the line, but the same problem to the east, and coordination is a bit tough between the two - if you wait for the eastern controller to be able to see the target, you can't handoff, and if you handoff early the eastern sector can't see the target. May be a vatsim limitation, but was hoping someone had another workaround. Add to it the size of our airspace - we need all 4 vis points for the area east of 180, and even tha
  5. Thanks. A second part of the question would be that our airspace crosses the 180 line, and generally we've been just sending the traffic to advisory frequency before they cross westbound, as they will disappear from our scope. Is there any way to regain visibility for the controller West of the 180 as well? Setting the vis west of the line doesn't work.
  6. Operating in Anchorage Center (as well as I would guess some of the Russia, China, Japan sectors) the route does not calculate or display correctly when the route will cross 180 longitude (same for time or distance calculations in the "planes" list). Is there a workaround for this on any affected sector?
  7. One virtual beer to you Ross - Seems the problem was limited to the USA-W2 server.
  8. just checked, same problem with VRC. can this be due to my location (Reno, NV, USA)?
  9. Upon further investigation, metars are all showing on the 13th at 1750z. No metar has been updated for me.
  10. not sure if I changed something to mess it up, but my weather seems to have stopped updating - even when I click on 'get METAR'. Of course, because of this the atis never updates and the atis letter designator does not advance (I do have the 'automatically generate.." tick box checked). The controllers using VRC are getting weather updates, so I'm guessing the problem is not with the servers. Any suggestions?
  11. I have tried to modify the Airports symbol in the Symbology dialog. I am able to change the line style and line weight, but no matter what font/symbol size I use the symbol remains the same size. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Thanks Sascha. I'm learning the program, and developing the files for use with our center (Anchorage). Still trying to get off the items I'm so used to with VRC, but the benefits seem to outweigh the learning hurdle. A page on the wiki, with a disclaimer of course, to all plugins that anyone is willing to share would be a great resource to any user. thanks again and best regards, Carl
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