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  1. Same issue here. "Internal error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 21:148): Could not call proc.' I've re-installed the C++ Redistributables. Still getting the same error.
  2. FSX or X-Plane? I run both w/ 2 GB ram Intel core 2 duo E6750 (2.66 ghz) and a 8800GT and it screams with X-Plane. I can't quite go to max with the sliders in FSX, but pretty close. X-Plane and FSX will max out the CPU.....always (well one of the cores anyway) 2.4ghz is pretty solid though. Faster quad core CPU's start to get pricey. The 8800GT's are getting harder to find now since they were replaced with the 9000 series last year but you can get the 9800GT's for $100 from Newegg.
  3. This VOR thing is something that has annoyed me to the point of re-installing FSX. Well that and a few other things that Austin seems to have no intention of fixing. I'll go back when those bugs are sorted for me.
  4. Hey Christian, welcome to the X-Plane world. I created the CYHZ scenery for the default X-plane database a few months ago. The way X-Plane is currently set up, it does not exclude things like trees, roads, etc from anything other than the original default scenery. Eventually the land cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] data will be updated to fix this type of stuff, but for now we're pretty much stuck with it. Originally X-Plane had the taxiways on the wrong side of the runway and they were not accurate, so I drew out the airport and put everything in the proper location. Unfortunately there are trees on
  5. Give California Airlines a try. they are 100% X-Plane with their own fleet, scenery, etc. You can also go to X-Plane.com and click on the links and there are a list of X-Plane virtual airlines.
  6. You'll get better performance with 2 8800GT's as opposed to the 9600's and relatively the same price. Nvidia's model numbering can be confusing at times. The 9600 series are basically the new 8600's and the 9800's which are the best on the market right now are new 8800's.
  7. The ZLA pilot certs are not there to teach you to how to fly in ZLA. They teach you the VFR basics from the pattern to transitioning cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B airspace. It teaches the IFR basics, from how to read a chart, to flying a STAR, how to fly a hold, an approach, a procedure turn, etc. It doesn't mater if you are in TX, NY, wherever, the rules are the same.
  8. That would be the VOR or GPS RWY 13L/13R. AKA the Canarsie visual. That is a fun one.
  9. The short answer is, METAR is the current weather conditions. A TAF is a forecast.
  10. Just an alternative to what Luke said. Running 2 7200 RPM drives in raid 0 is just as fast, if not faster then the 10000 RPM drives. I had a 10000 RPM WD raptor drive before I built my new box back in Jan. I currently run 2 7200 RPM 250 gb Seagate drives in raid 0 and I think it's faster than the raptor drive that I had. Raid 0 takes 2 hard drives and makes them 1. It stores the data across the 2 drives and reads it from both at the same time, therefore speeding it up. I'm not saying either way is better, but there are options out there. I looked at both the 8800GT and 8800GTS when
  11. Nope. Even if a pilot is doing 120 GS and they accelerate to 4X they still show us as doing 120 on the scope. They just move across the screen a lot faster than that
  12. I remember seeing that issue in the Level D forum. It's a font issue. There is a fix for it, look it up it's in the forum somewhere.
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