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  1. In my case unlike Dace Nicmane I don't get the EndReceive errors, only the "Disconnected from voice server: Lost server connection. Attempting to auto-reconnect... [16:57:46] Connected to voice server" sequence. Don Whyte
  2. Same as me. Getting to be very frustrating. Don Whyte Vatsim 925580
  3. See the topics "AFV - Constant Voice Disconnects on vPilot" and "Disconnected from Voice Server" in this same Windows forum. It would appear these disconnects have been occurring for several months to a number of users. Regards, Don Whyte
  4. The voice disconnect issue was raised in this thread back in January 4 2020. Windows version 2004 was released May 27. The next previous version 1909 was released Nov 12 2019 so maybe the problem began with version 1909? Would there be an error log that could shed some light? Regards Don Whyte 925580
  5. That would be good if that could be investigated. I see quite a number of complaints about this disconnect issue.
  6. Yes, version 2004, build 19041.388 Don Whyte
  7. I didn't have any trouble like this until I upgraded my computer hardware. I hope I haven't paid thousands for troublesome equipment... Don Whyte Vatsim 925580 Windows 10 HomeAsus TUF Gaming x570 Plus Wifi motherboardAMD Ryzen 7 3800X processor32 G MemoryCorsair M600 1TB M2 drive
  8. I've had the same problem since updating hardware (new motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive) on my computer. Vpilot v2.5.2 randomly disconnects from voice server and reconnects a second later. Same message as shown above in Adrian's post. I tried to add port 3290 to my Cisco router and to McAfee firewall but the problem continues. My system specs: Win 10 Home V2004 build 19041.388 Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus Wifi motherboard (connected via ethernet not wifi) AMD Ryzen 7 3800X processor 32G memory M600 1 TB SSD Nvidia GTX670 and AMD Radeon HD6850 video cards. Have updated Windows, BIOS, motherboard drivers, video card drivers.
  9. Thank you Rob. My apologies, I normally do include a full description of the problem, software versions etc. Don't know why I didn't this time. This is vPilot Version 2.4.0 running with Prepar3D v 3.4 on Windows 10. I found the .wav files you mentioned and replaced the RadioMessage file with something more pleasing. Lowering the sound volume also lowers the ATC volume to an unacceptable level. Many thanks for your help sir.
  10. I hear a very loud "hash" noise when other users transmit text messages in the Vatsim audio window. How can I eliminate this or make it quieter? thanks Don Whyte
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