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  1. Yes, that is to say in using it for 2-3 flights I have had no issue where as with Xpilot I have about an 80% chance of having an issue in my estimation.
  2. XPilot keeps randomly deciding to not pickup input from my Mic, the audio receive function continues to work. I have confirmed in the settings page that it no longer is getting input even though in windows sound settings I can clearly see the device is still working and I'm using it for other applications. It seems to occur most frequently during frequency changes. This is starting to become super frustrating as its happening at critical times and requires me to reset my headset and then restart Xpilot for it to work again, and this seems an inconsistent fix. FWIW I am using a Plantronics
  3. You obviously aren't familiar with the already lack in quality of the average center controller. In fact, one can surmise that based upon the already not so good service that the average ARTCC fully rated controller provides, that making it easier for controllers that already don't have the proper amount of motivation to learn the basics properly is not going to help. Just to re affirm this I had a controller at ORD today tell me and multiple other aircraft inbound to "call tower at the marker" for an approach that has no outer marker. I'll take 122.8 any day versus someone who cant te
  4. Cant believe you guys don't think that this looks good.
  5. So what do you guys do about CSL's for x-plane?
  6. So basicly its like the USA without a FNO...?
  7. Your name on the events front page. I asked that very same question myself because, oh yes, I control at ZME. I was told that host ARTCC's are picked on "optimal" duration of flight, not continuity (or contiguity). None of our staff was notified of the selection of ARTCC's for this week until I personally emailed The 7 of us who are actually rated to work center (Myself, ATM, DATM, TA, Events Director, and 2 Senior Controllers). None of them had heard about it. To be frank I doubt we will staff. I'm working a 9 hour shift, our TA's computer died earlier this week, ATM and DATM ar
  8. Because it is a separate facility in real life. ZAK is not just another ARTCC, since non-Vatusa members are allowed to join. Its the same facility... You'd be refering to a different specialty
  9. But saying FNO had nothing to do with TGIF is 100% incorrect...Without TGIF there would "have" been no FNO
  10. I agree with Tom. ZNY and ZHU both control there oceanic airspaces and they all deal with other ARTCC's... So whats the reasoning for keeping it a seperate facility?
  11. Well I guess this will create a realistic experience for us controllers...1 flow into ZAU sounds real fun. I'll just watch this one.
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