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  1. Thank you both, that narrow it down quite a bit. Also a huge apology to the X-Pilot team, since it was the last entry in the log, naturally it was the blame to think. I will seek a solution with the SAM team 🙂
  2. Had a CTD when rolling onto gate on my last flight, the log file indicated a plugin and the latter of the log states X-Pilot So 1) I wonder if anybody else have experienced this and 2) what can be done to avoid it. Have never had at CDT due to it before, but it started right after I updated to the latest version from 1.21 Running X-Plane 11.41 on Windows 10 I do suspect Auto Save Function in X-Pilot in conjunction with i.e. CLS library. 4:48:31.738 xPilot/XPMP2 DEBUG CSLModels.cpp:178/Load: Async load starting for __Bluebell_Airbus/A320_EZS from D:\X-Plane 11
  3. Guess the issue still resides, not impressed at all. Noticed the frame rate top right corner 55fps steady... https://imgshare.io/image/KHOHt Notice the bandwith on my fiber sub line symmetric 300/300 https://imgshare.io/image/KHRZS
  4. Never had that happen to me on any network but VATSIM..
  5. I wouldn't use that horrible simulator if my life depended on it. PS I have no issues with frame rate Spec: Intel i9-9900K @5.0, Asus Maximus XI Formula, Asus RTX2080TI OC Strix, 64GB Gkill Trident Z Samsung EVO 970 m2 Samsung EVO 970 m2 Samsung EVO 970 SSD But I see many do and try several fixes just to get a few more FPS.. I am fond of FPS for immersion, at least 50 should be the standard if I got to choose. But sadly we cannot all afford a 5700+ dollar computer setup. So for many 30 is max, and why should VATSIM then punish them? Think that is the essence in the dis
  6. Wight the new VATSIM frame rate restriction for X-Plane, why should those lagging users be allowed to fly on VATSIM. Why should we not just allow users which arguable have the same connection/simulation speed, same airports etc. If VATSIM clients then continue to disconnect all users based if their frame rates dip below 20 or not, then why should these users be allowed to be on VATSIM at all. Why not just create a network of high end PC's that eliminate all others, why do we need those users that cannot afford these huge upgrades races? Well immersion you say? Let me ask you all this, wh
  7. Thank you sir. There is truly an issue with the logic. As you can see in this image, top left is the FPS number in X-Plane, while the logic of X-Pilots several times said I was below the limit, ending in disconnect after the fourth time.
  8. Let us hope they fix this huge annoying thing. I would understand that frames below 20 (I would say 15) is bad for the ATC immersion, but one should not be disconnected when you have 40-50 plus. Question is what is realistic? A tag that don't show correct speeds or tags that disappear from the ATC client without any reason other than a bad program, especially when you have aircraft sequenced. In light of the increased spammers that ruin immersion totally, I would think VATSIM wouldn't need more issues. But in worst case there are always other networks to join and use.
  9. 120 FPS staring at open water without a complex add on aircraft in the frame isn’t a valid test case. I think that if he is getting 120FPS anywhere in X-Plane he won't be getting under 20 at any point So true!! Autoget makes hardly a difference But that's the point, over most populated areas with a complex airplane and i.e. XEurope I still get over 40 fps in bad stormy weather with Active Sky running. At normal I run between 70 and 90 with no issue at all. Never ever have I been under 30 so this new version of this client is just wrong. But problem solved. Uninstalled
  10. If your simulator is "unflyable", then you need to tweak your rendering options. Yea, don't think that is very likely Specs Intel Core i9-9900K @5.00GHz 64,0GB Dual-Channel @3200MHz GSkill Trident Z ASUS MAXIMUS XI FORUMULA ASUS NVIDIA RTX 2080TI Subscriber line: D300Mbit/U300Mbit
  11. This function is a piece of [Mod - lovely stuff], that is my first initial though. My second thought was hey this must be a joke. Then my third thought was hold on, let's see if they can fix it. How do I revert back to previous version?
  12. Hi Had this happen to me in the latest version. While FPS never have been an issue, I still after upgrading get these messages all the time. I fly with no less than 40 fps and still I get the notification and the disconnect. Very very annoying.
  13. Posted 6th of march, today its 16 of march. Short time in the eyes of the coders.
  14. Looking forward to it, but as you most likely know by now, there is a huge bug in the system that p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]s weather data. Makes XSB crash X-Plane 10 to desktop viewtopic.php?f=36&t=73509
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