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  1. AGENDA 1. Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies (Gunnar Lindahl) 2. Approval of the agenda (Gunnar Lindahl) 3. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (Gunnar Lindahl) 4. Introduction of new members of the Board of Governors Nicholas Cavacini and Simon Kelsey (Gunnar Lindahl) 5. Ad hoc votes since the last meeting (Tim Barber) 6. Membership Level Report (Don Desfosse) 7. Old Business Update on the future of Ironmic (Tim Barber) Pilot accountability workgroup (Simon Kelsey) Strategic planning update (Tim Barber) Multiple F
  2. https://www.icao.int/SAM/Documents/2019-SCM1/SCM_1 Summary of Discussions.pdf
  3. In accordance with the notice given at BoG Meeting Minutes and Schedule, the Board of Governors Meeting for Q1 2021 (January to March) will take place at 20:00UTC on Saturday 17APR21. AGENDA Open meeting, roll call, apologies, and proxies - Gunnar Lindahl Ad hoc votes since the last meeting - Tim Barber Old Business Update on the future of Ironmic - Tim Barber Pilot accountability workgroup - TBA Strategic direction update - Tim Barber Multiple Frequency Top Down - Matt Bartels Update to Code of Regulation - Gunnar Lindahl New Bu
  4. VATSIM seeks Vice President, Conflict Resolution (VATGOV8) VATSIM is an international online flight simulation network with well over 90,000 active members. An exciting vacancy on our Board of Governors is now open for applications. If you're a well-established VATSIM member who has a real passion for the network and the drive to support and work with other departments in VATSIM to support our membership, we want to hear from you! The Vice President, Conflict Resolution coordinates the activities of various Regional and Divisional Conflict Resolution Panels. Receives complaints and a
  5. Dear Members, We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the implementation of VATSIM's revised Code of Conduct. At the time it was drafted, changes were made which included prohibitions against using the network to simulate, or otherwise reference events which may be considered disrespectful, or upsetting to our members. Specifically, Section A17 reads in part that "The re-creation of, or organization of events recognizing real world disasters, tragedies, or other such events, particularly those which resulted in loss of life, are not permitted." With the global COVID-19 pandemi
  6. What is a VATSIM Network Supervisor? VATSIM Supervisors are volunteers who use their experience and knowledge of VATSIM to help our pilots and controllers enjoy the network by answering questions, providing technical support and, where necessary, enforcing the VATSIM Code of Conduct and other global policies. We are looking for mature, engaging and level-headed individuals who have the time and enthusiasm to give back to the network in this crucial role. VATSIM Supervisors are ambassadors of the network and the first port of call for new and seasoned members who have questions or are ex
  7. Canada is the solution to everything. (reaches for his Timmies double double....)
  8. Does it disconnect you from the network, or do you just lose voice? If you lose voice only, does pushing your PTT resolve the issue momentarily?
  9. CoC Sections A11 and A12 will apply to TS servers administered and used by its Regions and Divisions. TB
  10. This is the guide I used for My Traffic 6 and it worked perfectly with vPilot... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6306&t=122412&p=159473#p159473
  11. Lots of activity at FlightSimCon in Windsor Locks today. Boston Virtual ARTCC has a dedicated room up with controllers working ZBW and BDL. VATUSA also has a room with ZNY ZSE and ZLA up, as well as MSP. If you have a chance, jump online and support these controllers with aircraft traffic - today and tomorrow 14z-22z.
  12. As previously mentioned, I will be in attendance in London, and I am looking forward to meeting all in attendance. The two days of the conference will be the beginning of a week touring Europe for me, with stops in Belgium, France and Austria. Anyone else making an extended holiday out of it?
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